HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act aims to protect sensitive patients’ data and lays out specific guidelines or security measures to prevent data leakage through unofficial and illegal means. Totalmed Transcription understands its importance and provides HIPPA compliant medical transcription services to ensure foolproof protection of health data of patients and clients.

The security of crucial health data of patients is maintained at the following three levels:-
      1. Physical Safeguards

    We ensure that only authorized people have the access to all our medical transcription facilities. Besides this, security guards ensure that unauthorized persons do not trespass the premise. This is coupled with installing high-resolution CCTV cameras that boost the surveillance system around the property.

      2. Ensuring Foolproof Information Security

    Our expert IT staffs make sure that all the data files and incoming port and communication network is well protected from any virus or malware attack. For this, we use various network filters and firewalls that help us maintain security of data. This also includes transmission security by ensuring that all the attachments or files are properly encrypted and clients and staff can access only after verifying their credentials through standard authentication procedure (password-protected login Ids).

      3. Restricted Data Access

    Several safety measures are employed to ensure that the crucial data (Patients health information) is protected from thefts or encroachment. Even our staff or others are not allowed to bring any floppy, disc or flash drives, any video or voice recorder into the premise.

Compliance to HIPPA Privacy Rule

In compliance with the Hippa Privacy rule, we at Totalmed Transcription lead every employee to sign a ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ that legally binds them not to disclose patients’ medical records and other personal health information. Clients can get the copy on demand.

A focused Emergency Contingency Plan (ECP) is in place to ensure that all the specific procedures are carried out in a smooth and efficient way. All the soft copies of our past clients are deleted from our systems to ascertain strict adherence to privacy of our clients.

Our strict compliance with HIPPA guidelines and our cost-effective quality medical transcription services make us a truly outstanding service provider. For more details, our clients can feel free to contact us.


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