How It Works

We at Totalmed Transcription work with the mission to facilitate our customers get comprehensive, cost-effective and quality medical transcription services from the comfort of their clinics, hospital or research centres.

The methodology of our working system can be illustrated as given below (4-Step Process):-

Step -1

We provide Three Convenient Dictation Options among which clients can select any of their favourite and get the dictation records transferred to us :-

      1. Using handheld digital voice recorder

    Clients can use digital recorders, get their voice recorded at their preferred time and location and transfer the files containing the recorded voice to us through our FTP site.

      2. Downloading an App on their smart phone

    We provide the facility to our clients to download a small, free app that enables them to record their dictations into the smartphones and then transfer the same to our server. Our expert transcriber will prepare error-free medical reports as per the clientís requirement.

      3. Toll-Free Telephonic Dictation

    Clients can conveniently dial Totalmed's toll free number 1-800 number, follow the IVR prompts and get their dictation recorded over the telephone. They would require keep their account number and PIN number handy to utilise this service.


We assign experienced transcribers and editors to clients such that they get high quality and customised transcripts as per their specific requirements and dictation style in a short time.


When our transcriptionist completes the transcript then the medical report (transcript) undergoes quality checking by our experienced editor. The editor proofreads the document meticulously and ensures that clients get only accurate and quality transcripts that they deserve.


We can provide medical transcripts in MS Word or simple text format to clients as per their preferences. Our experts can upload the transcripts directly into the clientís EMR/EHR system.


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