How to get the best from an Experienced Transcription Company

Accurate and timely transcription of recorded voice or dictation of the physician is of paramount importance not only for a doctor, other medical professionals and patients but also for an insurance company for reviewing claims. Small clinics can select from three major options for transcription that is they can use transcription software that would transcribe verbal dictation into the digital form, hire a company that provides low cost medical transcription service or employ experienced medical transcriptionists to get in-house service.

You would find a plethora of medical transcription companies in the market that provides transcription in a variety of medical disciplines at a competitive price. However, not all can cater to your transcription needs in the most beneficial way.

Herein are some tips that you should follow to make the most of outsourcing experienced transcriptionist:-

        1)Assess your transcription requirements according to your workflow

The first and the most important thing before hiring a third party service is getting a comprehensive assessment of your transcription requirements according to your size of practice and workflow. You should consider your working pattern, the volume of your documentation and the kind of transcription service that would suit your practice.

        2) Negotiate the contract with the service provider to get the best deal

It is better to ask for a short-term contract and ensure that the contract consists of all the things that you require clearly mentioned in it. You can decide to include quality metrics like 99% or over accuracy, incentives for exceptional service and penalties for poor service.

        3) Pay only for the service that you need

Checkout and compare various quotes or packages offered by various medical transcription companies and find out whether it is a one-time fee or a monthly subscription. Is there any hidden charge like the cost of software updates or any other thing? You should check the level of service or support you are likely to get from the vendor in case there is something wrong or you do not get the expected results on time.

        4) Check clients’ testimonials and references

Before zeroing in the right vendor, you should ask for references, do your own research and find out what other physicians are doing for the low cost medical transcription service and the quality of service they are getting.

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