How it works

Totalmed Transcription is your go-to medical transcription company that would cater to all your medical transcription needs at one place. We provide comprehensive, secure and affordable transcriptions in an array of medical specialities with the help of our team of over 250 transcribers and proofreaders.

Whether you require oncology, cardiology or radiology transcription service or workers compensation transcription and IME transcription service, you can rely on our experienced staff who would help you get flawless medical transcription in a prompt and seamless way and that too at an economical rate of 7 cents per line.


We facilitate our clients by providing them following three choices for getting their recorded dictations transcribed into medical written documents:-

  • Digital Recorders: You can use a hand held digital recorder, record dictations at your suitable time and place and transfer the audio files to us through our FTP site.
  • Smartphone App (iPhone/Android): Clients can install an app on their iPhone or Android smart phone and dictate into their smartphones that will be transferred to our servers securely.
  • Toll Free Telephone Dictation: We facilitate our clients record their dictation over the telephone. All they need to do is to dial our 1-800 number, follow the interactive voice response menu and when prompted, get their dictation recorded over their phone.


The moment we get any transcription project, we assign transcribers and an editor to work on the account or the client’s project every day. This makes sure that the work is completed within the scheduled time and each client gets the transcript as per his or her specific requirements and style of dictation.


As our transcriptionist transcribes an audio and video file then the document undergoes quality checking by our experienced editor. When our editor approves the document then only we return the transcript to the clients. Our experienced editors check word-by-word against the original dictation and ensure that all the clients get only error-free transcripts that they deserve.


We provide Medical Transcriptions to our clients in MS Word or simple text format as per their preferences. Our IT staff can upload them directly into the client’s EMR/EHR system.


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