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Totalmed Transcription: A Trusted and Reliable Medical Transcription Service Provider

Since 1999, Totalmed Transcription Company is one of the leading medical transcription outsourcing companies in India has been providing high quality medical transcription services online at affordable prices. We assist nursing homes, single doc clinics, large group of physicians, hospitals, and medical research centers to meet their transcription requirements. With a view to pitch accurate, error-free and prompt services, we have a total workforce of 250 Medical Transcribers and Proofreaders, who work at our HIPAA compliant transcription facility.


We offer medical transcription services at a very competitive rate of 6 cents per line. There is no startup or hidden charges.


We offer the free 7-day trial of our services. Please complete the query form. We will contact you to set up the trial within the next 12 hours.


We generate the 99% + accurate medical transcription reports. Check out the graphical representation of our quality medical transcription process.

Medical Transcription Service Provider in India

Being a cost-effective medical transcription company, the rate of our medical transcription services is just 6 cents per line, based on 65 characters per line. We have a line counting software that counts lines, and 65 typed characters make one billable line.

Three convenient dictation options offered by us:

  • Handheld Digital Voice Recorders: Clients can record their dictations at anytime and anywhere by making use of a handheld digital recorder. After recording, they can connect the digital recorder to a computer and transfer the dictations to our server.

  • Android Smartphones and iPhone: We provide our clients the facility to dictate into their smartphones and have them transferred to our servers securely by downloading a small, free app.

  • Toll-Free Telephonic Dictation: Clients can conveniently access Totalmed's phone-in toll free dictation facility from office or home. For recording dictations, one needs to use an account number, a PIN number, and the toll-free number to call.

For EMR Users:

We can transcribe notes directly into the EMR systems for our clients. Also, we have experience with all EMR platforms available today.