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Totalmed Transcription Company

We have been assisting single doc clinics, large group of physicians, nursing homes, hospitals and medical research centers to meet their transcription requirements since 1999. With a team of over 300 in-house transcriptionists and editors.


We offer medical transcription services at a very competitive rate of 6 cents per line. There is no startup or hidden charges.


We offer the free 7-day trial of our services. Please complete the query form. We will contact you to set up the trial within the next 12 hours.


We generate the 99% + accurate medical transctiption reports. Check out the graphical representation of our quality medical transcription process.

Medical Transcription Service Provider in India !

We are one of the leading medical transcription companies in India, offering high-quality, medical transcription services at affordable prices. With a view to pitch accurate, error-free and prompt services, coupled with a team of qualified as well as talented professionals, we render customized medical transcription services, according to the needs of our global clients, mostly located in the US, Canada and the UK. No other medical transcription company can meet the level and commitment, which we at Totalmed Transcription Company represent in our services.

We provide medical transcription online and are capable of transcribing almost all sorts of medical reports. Besides the usual Consultation Reports, Operative Reports and Discharge Summary, we are also capable of transcribing reports from various other consultations like Advanced-age genetic consultation, Oncology, Diabetic Podiatry, Pain Management, etc.