Medical Transcription Reports

Medical transcription reports are text documents prepared by a writer/editor, technically known as transcriptionist, for a medical practitioner’s dictated transcription. Maintaining the record of their patients – as what treatment, tests and medications that they have been taken through – is very important for the hospitals and doctors. Any medical practitioner, facility or research center is required to keep the record of their patients, even if the patients visit them for minor medical checkup.

Why Medical Transcription (MT) report is essential?

  • The law asks the medical professionals to keep a record of their everyday practices.
  • The MTs helps the doctors in reviewing the current health condition of their patient.
  • Medical transcriptions have all the information related to the health condition, diagnosis, etc. If a patient is to be referred to some other facility or doctor, his medical records will suggest the other practitioners to deem his current medical condition. The MTs work as a reference document, which give detailed information about the health statement of a patient.
  • Transcription reports guide nurses and patient care staff in taking care of a patient.
  • When a hospital or medical practitioner is blamed for providing wrong treatment, medication transcriptions are scanned through.
  • During insurance claims, the health records or medical transcription reports of a patient are referred to.

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