Electronic Medical Records

EMR Transcription Services

Today, across the globe, more and more medical institutions like hospitals, hospices, private nursing homes, etc. are availing Electronic Medical Transcription, or EMR, services. If you want to know the reasons that have caused the popularity of this trend, read on…

Old Fashioned Record Keeping

Patient records are amongst the most important part of patient care in any medical institution. They describe the current condition of the patient, the treatment he or she has already undergone, the symptoms he or she is showing, signs to look out for, etc. This gives the doctor, surgeon or specialist a firm understanding of the patient’s medical history. So far, records were mostly kept on paper and were stored in cabinets. As you can imagine, the process of filing, retrieving and storing these records was a cumbersome one. This is where EMR transcription comes in.

What is EMR Transcription Services?

EMR transcription involves transferring the physical, written medical records of patients on a digital medium. Doctors may use paper, as usual, or Dictaphones instead of paper in recording the patients’ condition and treatment. These records are then transferred to a digital, usually computerized format, by an EMR medical transcription company. These records are then also stored on digital devices, mainly computers instead of on paper and in files. Also, the records are digitized on an almost real time basis.

Benefits of EMR Transcription

There are many benefits of using EMR transcription. The first is that storing and retrieving patients’ records at a moment’s notice becomes possible. Secondly, it is very cost effective. Of course, one needs to pay the EMR transcription company, but in the long run, that is cheaper than the storage costs of papers and files. Also, if you hire online EMR transcription India Company, the costs are likely to be extremely low.

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