HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Medical Transcription Services

HIPAA Compliant Security

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was proposed to follow uniform security measures, toprevent the revelation of crucial and critical health data and other information about a patient through unofficial and illegal means. Totalmed Transcription follows HIPPA compliance in its medical transcription services to ensure the safety of important data of patients and clients.

Physical Security

All the facilities of our medical transcription company are only accessible by the ones who have been authorized by the company’s administration. In the premises, there are security guards who make sure that no trespassing happens. Furthermore, we have installed high-resolution CCTV cameras to add to the surveillance system around the property.

Information Security

HIPPA Compliance Medical Transcription

HIPPA Compliance Medical Transcription: Our IT support team makes certain that every incoming port at our office computer and communication network has been protected from threats. We deploy several network filters and firewalls to protect our system from possible menaces. For system access, we allow only management and FTP ports inside the premises and to permit client access, we use SSL. Moreover, accesses are provided to clients and staff via password protected login IDs. In addition, while sending files as an email attachment, we cross check if they have been encrypted or not.

Data Access

To ensure the safety of our data against thefts and encroachments, we take several safety measures. No floppy, disc or flash drives are allowed inside our facilities, not even by the members of our staff. No video or voice recorders are allowed inside the building.


Each of the employees at Totalmed Transcription has to agree to a Confidentiality Agreement, according to which they are legally bound not to disclose the identity or information related to our clients and their patients. The copy of the same will be provided to the client, whenever asked.

To determine that the operations are happening in a resourceful way, we have optimized a focused Emergency Contingency Plan (ECP). All the soft copies of the documents associated with a client, whom we are not working with anymore, are deleted from our systems to ascertain the privacy of our clients’ data.

All the statements mentioned above are just a short glimpse of how strictly do we abide by the HIPAA guidelines. To know more about our stringent data security and compliance measures and procedures, please contact us.


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