1.    How do I submit my dictations?

You can send us your dictation or voice recording in three ways:

  • By using an iOS or Android Smartphone app to record and upload your dictation automatically, without hassles.
  • By using a digital recorder (also known as transcriber device) to record your dictation; and send across the file through our secure FTP or email.
  • Toll-free phone number to record your dictation facility (an additional charge of 1.5 cents per line applicable).

2.    How does the trial offer work?

To help you sense the quality standards of our transcription services, we offer a 7-day free trial scheme to our clients. We propose to create transcriptions for maximum 30 minutes of your dictation per day for 7 successive days.

3.    I am using a digital recorder. What format should my dictations be in?

Whichever sound file format you wish! Though, we have been working with .wav, .wma, mp3, .dss, .ds2, .msv, .dvf and .ari files.

4.    In what format are my transcriptions returned?

In MS Word or simple text format, as per your preferences.

5.    Can you transcribe directly into my EMR/EHR?

Of course, we can. Our team has been working with EMRs and EHRs of the present generation.

6.    Is there a minimum volume of dictation that your require?

No, there are no such provisions or compulsions with us.

7.    Do you require clients to sign any contracts/agreements?

No, clients are not required to sign any contract or agreement to avail our services.

8.    Are your services/transcription facilities secured?

We are professional medical transcription company, so we strive hard to uphold the security and privacy of patients’ health information. We have made our entire process of services completely secure, under the HIPPA guidelines.

9.    Can you use templates or formats according to the client’s specifications?

To meet the client requirement, yes we do. We use the templates and formats suggested by our clients.

10. In Totalmed Transcription Company’s terms, what constitutes a line?

65-keystrokes create a line. A keystroke could be any letter, number, symbol or keystroke necessary for the final appearance and content of a document, including the space bar.

11. Is there any startup or hidden fees associated with your transcription services?

No, there are no hidden charges with us. We only charge, what has been agreed for the said service.

12. How do I sign up for your medical transcription services?

You are required to shoot an email at psingh@totalmedtranscription.net, or give us a call +91-98119-40086. Alternatively, you can also complete our online form.

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