Counselling Session Transcript

Counselling Session Transcript Services

Whether it is clinical counselling or psychotherapy or it is training the counsellors, counselling session transcription service is a great way to document the cases and keep a written record of every patient. The psychotherapy transcripts prove to be quite beneficial for educational and research purposes.

We at Totalmed Transcription understand the importance of availing professional counselling session transcription service for therapists, counsellors and psychiatrists. This saves the precious time of therapists, as they require spending less time on taking notes that will facilitate them to focus on their clients’ needs and evaluate their progress. The patients can get a clear understanding of the therapy session. The therapist can use the transcripts of each therapy session to give a structured and professional approach to their counselling.

Our experienced and professional medical transcriptionists provide high-quality counselling session transcription to therapists, counsellors and psychiatrists as per their requirements. Be it recording the therapy session through a smartphone App, handheld digital recorder or telephone (IVRS), our experts can easily transcribe therapist’s discussion with patients or meeting and therapy sessions to provide the highest satisfaction and best results.

Our secure and affordable total transcription solution will meet all your transcription needs at one place. You can leverage the expertise and extensive experience of our staff of transcriptionists and proofreaders. So make no mistake of selecting any medical transcription service provider randomly for any counselling session transcription requirement. Count on us for getting comprehensive medical transcription service in a quick turnaround time.

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