Medical Records Review Services

Precise Medical Records Review Services 

Systematic and structured organization of medical records is crucial to healthcare and medico-legal industries. Totalmed Transcription offers high quality and affordable medical record summaries, indexing, reviews, and abstractions solutions to provide you with the precise information you need in an easy-to-understand format. Medical Records Review Services

Created by Experienced Medical Professionals

Systematically organizing medical records takes time and effort but is essential when you are preparing a case. We have a team of experienced medical professionals, including dentists, MDs, physiotherapists, pharmacists, and RNs, with the required knowledge to create accurate and thorough reports. Our medical professionals review and organize your medical records so that you can increase productivity and access necessary medical records without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Extensive Range of Solutions 

We offer a comprehensive medical review, summaries, indexes, and abstraction services. Whether you need information about hospital admissions and discharges or histories and findings to pinpoint inconsistencies, we ensure unobstructed views of information for quick reviews and analysis. Our medically-trained professionals cover various areas such as treatment history, diagnosis, and future medical care. From documenting expert opinions around the causation of injury to preparing legal documents and employee records for deposition, we provide customized solutions tailored to every client’s individual needs.

Efficient Services for Various Clients

To enable speedy review and analysis, we provide easy-to-read and quick-to-navigate medical summaries. The information extracted from medical reports is presented in a summary document that has individual entries with links to original medical records for easy cross-reference. This straight forward, optimized solution is designed to help various entities, including healthcare professionals, healthcare centers, insurance companies, and attorneys. Whether you are processing medical claims or preparing for depositions, trials, and settlements, make the process streamlined and successful with Totalmed Transcription’s medical abstracts and summaries solutions.

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