Medical Transcription Services in UK

The Importance of Medical Transcription

For medical practitioners, hospitals and nursing homes, it is very important to maintain the records of their patients (and their treatments from the very first day). The law mandates this and it is a crucial document, which is distributed among the patient’s care taking staff. This report is also used by other doctors or hospitals, in case a patient is referred for further treatment. It holds a great significance during heath insurance claims.

Accurate Medical Transcription Services

Totalmed Transcription Company promises to deliver the most accurate medical transcription services in UK. We are one of the most appreciated medical transcription companies in UK.

We at Totalmed Transcription Company offer our well-adapted services to hospitals, medical facility centres and clinics. We assist our clients and medical professionals in all kinds of transcription requirements. Whether it is a patient report or a conference conversation, we transcribe all the record accurately, without overlooking even a minor detail.

We have highly-trained medical transcriptionists, who with their excellent speed and listening capabilities, prepare transcription reports in a very short span of time.

We provide two dictation options in UK – Digital Recorder and Smartphone App (for Android and iOS) – to enable our clients to record their dictations.

For each of our clients, we offer personalised service. It also helps the transcriptionists to understand the style of dictation and individual medical terminologies. It assists us to create flawless and more accurate medical transcriptions in UK.

After the document has been prepared, it is thoroughly proofread and edited to evade any possibility of language and grammar related error.

To learn more about our medical transcription services, please feel free to contact us.

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