How Medical Transcription Works

Dictation Options

1. Smartphone App (iPhone/Android): By installing a small app, clients can dictate into their smartphones and have the dictations transferred to our servers securely.

2. Digital Recorders: Using a hand held digital recorder, clients can record dictations anytime, anywhere. Once recorded, the files can be transferred to us through our FTP site.

3. Toll Free Telephone Dictation: Clients can dial into our 1-800 number, follow the interactive voice response menu and when prompted, record your dictation over the telephone.

Clients are assigned their own transcribers and editor to work on the account every day. This ensures that the transcribers become familiar with client’s specific requirements and style of dictation.

Every transcript that is completed by the transcriber goes through a quality check by our experienced editors. It is only after this that the transcript is returned to the client. At this stage, an editor checks the transcription word-by-word against the original dictation.

Medical Transcriptions can be delivered back in MS Word or simple text format to clients. They can also be uploaded directly into the client’s EMR/EHR system.

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