Oncology Medical Transcription

Oncology Medical Transcription Services

Oncology is that branch of science which deals with the studying and treatment of cancerous tumors. For an oncologist, accurate documentation of each and every stage of cancer patient’s care is of supreme importance. Totalmed Transcription, a specialist in oncology medical transcription services offers outstanding services to small and large scale practitioners, individual physicians, hospitals and other medical transcription service organizations. Oncology transcription services is just one of the several medical specialty areas where Totalmed Transcription has depth and breadth of experience.

Oncologists prefer Totalmed Transcriptions’ medical transcription services as it offers one faster turnaround, affordably priced, record for accuracy, error-free, easy integration with any EMR/EHR system and the medical transcriptionists’ knowledge of Oncology.

At Totalmed Transcription, we encompass the transcription for different kinds of reports including –

  • Physical reports
  • Operative reports
  • Laboratory reports
  • Discharge summary
  • Clinic notes
  • Consultation notes
  • Biopsy reports
  • Endoscopy reports
  • MRI scanning reports
  • CT scanning reports
  • X-Ray reports

Our Services Include –

The team of experts at Totalmed Transcription has expertise in transcribing oncological dictation and proofing oncological EMR for accuracy. This includes –

  • Diagnosis related to more than 100 types of cancer –
    • Sarcoma
    • Central nervous system cancers such as glioblastoma multiforme
    • Leukemia
    • Carcinoma including melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, prostate carcinoma.
    • Lymphoma and myeloma
  • Therapies like –
    • Chemotherapy protocols
    • Radiation therapy
    • Surgical treatment
    • CT, MRI and nuclear medicine
    • Highly sophisticated medicines
  • Palliative care of patients with terminal malignancies
  • Follow-up of cancer patients after successful treatment

Why Partner With Totalmed Transcription –

  • Provides customized oncology transcription services
  • Affordable medical transcription service pricing plans
  • Reputation for accuracy
  • Fast turnaround
  • Ability to integrate medical transcriptions with electronic medical records or electronic health records
  • Reduced dictation time as it is supported by digital dictation services
  • HIPAA compliancy
  • Increased reimbursements

To learn more about this oncology transcription company and its services, visit www.totalmedtranscription.net or call 1-877-547-8755

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