Benefits of Hiring Specialized Oncology Transcription Service

Benefits of Hiring Specialized Oncology Transcription Service


Thanks to the advancements made in cancer treatment and awareness, health care facilities are now better equipped to serve cancer patients. One major contributor in making screening, diagnosis, and treatment of critical disease is the oncology transcription. You can make your oncology department highly efficient by outsourcing your oncology transcription to a specialized medical transcription provider.

Benefits of hiring an oncology transcription provider

Since it is a highly critical disease, there is no room for any error in documentation. Oncology specialists need to focus more on patients, so a specialized oncology transcription provider could save significant time and energy. Documentation accuracy and speed are great value addition. You will also get some other benefits by outsourcing oncology transcription to a trusted medical transcription provider.

1. Cost-effectiveness

By outsourcing the oncology transcription task, you have to pay only for the transcripts produced, instead of bearing the cost of hiring and managing transcriptionists. Hence, you save a huge amount on technology investment required for managing transcription infrastructure.

2. Prioritizing patient’s care 

Oncologists are in great demand, so why waste your time and energy in the documentation, when an oncology transcription expert can do the work at far less cost. Your oncologist will have more to focus on treating cancer patients.

3. Skilled professionals

Medical transcription job requires domain-specific knowledge, skills, and certifications. By outsourcing your oncology transcription, you will have access to highly experienced professionals with a track record of delivering 100% accuracy in the shortest possible time.

4. Time efficiency 

Accuracy matters, but medical reports that remain undelivered at the requisite are of no value, especially in cancer treatment. Your in-house expert might not be able to deliver due to work overload. Outsourcing oncology transcription ensures quick turnaround time, so you will be able to manage your operation more efficiently.

5. Manage demand fluctuations

You have to pay your in-house transcription team even when there is not much patient flow. By outsourcing an oncology transcription service you could save huge money as the medical transcription providers offer flexible payment offers according to your demand requirements.

6. HIPAA Compliance

You have to keep patients’ medical information safe and secure as per HIPAA provisions. Any violation could attract criminal charges and hefty fines. By hiring a HIPPA certified medical transcription provider you are free of the violation risk.

You can make your healthcare facility highly efficient by hiring a reputed medical transcription provider specialized in oncology transcription. Accurate and timely reporting is the key, so hire a company of the likes of Totalmed Transcription that could offer you smooth access to safe and secure patient information in real-time.

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