Dos and Don’ts for Hiring a Medical Transcription Provider

Dos and Don’ts for Hiring a Medical Transcription Provider


The success of a healthcare organization depends heavily on the efficiency with which the organization manages patient information and other related data. Efficient data capturing and display make it easier for doctors and other healthcare professionals to improve patient care and serve better.  Notably, a medical transcription provider acts as the driving force behind the prominence of all such healthcare organizations.

The need for medical transcription

Accurate and timely medical transcription is an absolute must. However, it is a challenging and costly affair to have an in-house team to perform transcription. Most of the hospitals and healthcare facilities now outsource the job to professionally trained and well-equipped medical transcription providers.

Visualizing the importance of medical transcription service in effective patient care, it is of utmost importance to be very careful while hiring a medical transcription service provider. Among the many medical transcription companies in Canada, you need to choose the one, which is well equipped with trained professionals and technology to meet all your transcription needs. This is where Totalmed Transcription could make the difference.

Dos and Don’ts for choosing right medical transcription service

Here are some of the important points to keep in mind while hiring a medical transcription provider in Canada:

  • It is good to be very specific about transcription cost per line. You can ask about the ‘visible black character’ or VBC pricing model.
  • Turnaround time is the key. If it more than 24 hours, then you should look for another company.
  • Be specific about service location as you might face linguistic issues in transcription.
  • Your medical transcription service provider must have a 3-4 layered quality check system in place. Totalmed Transcription offers your multi-layered quality check to ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Your target company must have the requisite expertise in your specialty.
  • You should check whether the communication interface is compatible with your electronic health records (EHR) system.

You should have clarity about your requirement so that you could choose the right medical transcription provider. Make sure to keep your workflow, documentation volume, preferences, and of course the budget in mind while finalizing choosing the best medical transcription company in Canada.

The ideal service provider

When looking for an ideal company that could adhere to all these points, you can rely on Totalmed Transcription. The renowned organization holds a global credence in performing precise and accurate medical transcriptions. The experts of this medical transcription provider are beyond doubt, the best in the business.

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