Medical Transcription Solutions

Medical Transcription Solutions

Medical transcription is now an integral part of the health care system. Without up to date patient records, the health care industry cannot function effectively. Up to date records are also essential for efficiency. While many institutions have in-house transcription, the usual workday transcription does not fulfill the need for currency of records. Medical care is a 24/7 operation. The solution is medical transcription services. While one part of the world is sleeping, another part is just waking up. Outsourcing of medical transcription is now part of the solution.


Medical transcription solutions include contracting the service with outside firms specializing in medical transcription. Many of these firms employ people who work from home. Transcriptionists should have knowledge of medical terminology and be able to understand the language of the recording. Many offshore companies provide transcription services that are on par with the quality in developed countries. HIPAA compliancy is a requirement for US-based clients, and transcription firms have invested in extra security and training to ensure compliancy.


Software is part of medical transcription solutions. Software is available for converting speech to text, for optimizing lines to make per-line pricing cost effective, and for proofing transcribed text. Such software increase productivity and therefore reduces cost. Other aids include reference material to verify medical terms, drug names, geographical locations, and much more.


The biggest advantage in outsourcing transcription is the reduction in cost. Offshore locations offer a natural advantage as medical transcription solutions because of lower wages and lower overheads. Even with the burden of HIPAA compliance offshore medical transcription solutions are still a viable option. With rapid advances in technology, it is now easier than ever to have safe, secure, and up to date records of patient information in any part of the world.

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