Outsource Medical Transcription to a Specialist for Getting Maximum Benefits

Outsource Medical Transcription to a Specialist for Getting Maximum Benefits

An independent medical examination is an objective assessment of your physical and mental health condition by a doctor or therapist who is not in any way related to you and who has not treated or cared you before. An employer, insurance carrier or auto insurer may seek an independent medical examination of an individual who has been injured during the work. This is done to verify the genuineness of the liability or determining the right workers’ compensation insurance to provide monetary benefits to the injured person and his or her family.

An IME transcriptionist plays an important role in preparing medical reports of people making for personal injury claims. The transcriptionists prepare accurate and error-free reports that specify the exact health condition, restriction, and impairment of the patient, medical treatment that may be required in the future, and details about the prognosis.

Considering the role and importance of IME reports, employers, physicians or insurers hire an expert and experienced transcriptionists for getting quality IME transcription service.

When it comes to getting impeccable quality IME transcription, employers, physicians or insurers prefer to hire only a renowned and experienced transcription agency. We at Totalmed Transcription are committed to providing our clients expert transcription services in an array of medical fields at a price as low as 6 cents per line.

We take pride on our experienced transcriptionists who have fulfilled the low-cost medical transcription requirements of hundreds of its clients that includes physicians, surgeons, health insurance agencies, employers, legal attorneys and others.

You ask any of our clients and they have many positive things to speak about our quality services, down to earth prices and our commitment to optimum customers’ satisfaction. Whether you require counseling session transcript, cardiology or oncology medical transcription or you are looking for a reliable and experienced outsourcing partner for your medical transcription needs you can get in touch with our experts for getting the best service.

We provide totally secure and HIPPA compliant medical transcription services offering our clients the flexibility to choose dictation option and get leverage from the expertise of our transcriptionists and proofreaders that would fulfill their requirements to their highest satisfaction.

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