Responsibilities of an Expert Medical Transcription Provider

Responsibilities of an Expert Medical Transcription Provider


Doing flawless medical transcription is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires severe attention and preparedness from service providers to come up with solutions that boast high-level quality. Good medical transcription services imply speedy and accurate documentation of medical records. Apart from transcribing an audio file, a medical transcription provider takes care of several factors. Since medical transcriptions involve important patient details, they have to be very accurate as precise as per HIPAA compliance protocols.

Furthermore, timely delivery is another notable factor that medical transcription companies Canada need to consider. The transcriptionist should be able to provide services at any given point of time with faster turnaround time, without comprising on quality and standards.

Core responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist

So what it takes a low profile medical transcription provider to become a medical transcription expert? What are the basic duties and responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist? Here are some concise answers to these important questions:

  • The major responsibility of a transcriptionist is to transcribe the dictated voice recording from medical practitioners with utmost care.
  • Carry out an accurate transcription for the patient’s medical history, operative reports, consultation reports, physical examination reports, routine check-up charts, progress reports, diagnostic imaging findings, autopsy reports, and referral letters.
  • Transcribe audios using the accurate terminologies as per medical industry norms.
  • Ensure to utilize speech recognition technology efficiently.
  • Delivery of voice files, transcribed documents, and data storage as per the HIPAA regulations. A transcriptionist has to ensure that each copy of medical transcription he/she has should strictly comply with HIPAA norms.
  • Translate abbreviations and jargon into correct medical terms.
  • Organize documents in the patient’s file.
  • Conduct a comprehensive quality check by proofreading and diagnosing the document for grammatical errors and update it as required.
  • Store the transcribed file on a secure server and forward it to the client via secure mode. However, the final document can also be uploaded to the client’s EHR/EMR.

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