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An EHR or electronic health record is the digital version of the paper charts that were earlier maintained manually.  The EHRs transcript made it possible for patient records to be available instantaneously anywhere in the country or even the world using the internet.  These real time patient records are stored securely and available to medical personnel and other authorized users using passwords.  This enabled patient confidentiality to be maintained while at the same time ensuring continuity of patient care.  The EHR system not only contains patient history, records of allergies, laboratory, and other test results but also provides access to any provider who wishes to obtain patient information as a part of patient care.  It is also possible to streamline and automate provider workflow with this system.

Saving Time and Expenses with EHR Transcripts

The biggest advantage of EHRs transcripts is it is possible to organize patient information efficiently and accurately.  Patient records can be created and additions made by authorized healthcare providers from different hospitals or clinics. The information contained in this is not restricted to one healthcare organization.  This results in increased coordination between doctors leading to better diagnosis and improved patient outcomes.  The EHRs also help to save costs and enhance efficiencies since the results of all investigations and laboratories done are already on record and do not have to be duplicated

Origin of EHR Systems

Before the 1960s, all patient records were on paper and manually filed.  Information regarding illness, lab reports, and all healthcare visits were bound together in one file which was labeled using the name, social security number, and any other information of the patient.  With the introduction of the electronic clinical information system by Lockheed, the whole scenario changed.  There was now the introduction of the electronic medical record systems for universities and hospital.  It was in 2004 that the need to convert all medical records nationally to EMRs was recognized and encouraged amongst healthcare providers.  HIPAA regulations came into force to protect the health information of patients.  The existence of EMRs transcripts has resulted in better utilization of the time of healthcare providers as patient information is comprehensive and the billing process is efficient.

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