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Medical Transcription, an allied health profession, converts physical voice-recorded reports dictated by healthcare professionals into a manuscript format. Evidently, the person who performs transcription services is the medical transcriptionist. Considering the fact about superior quality health services, the future looks bright for people across the world. An increased number of healthcare professionals queue up for excellent quality medical transcription services. This has, in turn, resulted in a busy and booming future for the medical transcription companies in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

Role of a Medical Transcriptionist

The major task of a transcriptionist involves the knowledge of medical terminology written by a doctor’s assistant. The expert translates in an easy language. Slowly and gradually, medical transcription services are becoming popular with the initiation of recording devices. It has now transformed to a completely new level.

When patients visit the healthcare professionals, the latter conduct a physical examination, evaluate the patient’s medical history, and then plan for the treatment. After the patient leaves, the healthcare professionals record the information in a voice recorder and then send it to the transcription office. Next, the medical transcriptionists gain access to these reports and decode the dictation into medical records.

Outsourcing Medical transcription services

In recent years, Australia has witnessed a high rise in the number of medical transcription companies. This is mostly because of the accessibility of educated labor, duly capable of delivering accurate transcription work. This is perhaps one of the main reasons behind people outsourcing their tasks to medical transcription companies in Australia.

The healthcare centers can send the recorded tapes to renowned transcription companies located in Australia. They then document the recorded tape and send it online in just a few hours. As an instant advantage of outsourcing these services, the concerned transcription companies make sure to keep their client’s data highly confidential.

A trustworthy company

TotalMed Transcription is a renowned and certified medical transcription outsourcing company. Its main motto is to offer high-quality services at economical prices. Its services have attained immense significance everywhere. The highly trained and experienced medical transcriptionists employed at this company can perform transcription of all kinds of medical content.

Be it complicated medico-legal reports, medical conferences, or doctor-dictated reports; they can do a transcription of all these docs with due ease and accuracy. Therefore, if you are looking for transcription services, contacting this renowned medical transcription services provider would be a smart decision.

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an associated health profession dealing with the process of transcribing voice-recorded medical reports that are dictated by physicians, nurses or any other healthcare practitioners. Medical reports can be voice files, notes taken during a lecture, or other spoken material. These can be dictated over the phone or uploaded digitally via the Internet or through smartphone applications. Medical transcription companies are far from a hot new topic in the healthcare field. When documentation is delivered quickly, accurately and within a designated timeframe, medical transcription can be painless and productive for many healthcare professionals and institutions.

Curtail labor and management costs
Transcripts play such a pivotal role in medical documentation that it’s imperative to find a working solution that makes the most sense for each individual practices. Outsourcing of such transcription also saves the healthcare institutions from the hassle of engaging a medical transcription provider as they wouldn’t have to sacrifice on space, or time for training or further employment to oversee the entire activity. By taking advantage of medical transcription companies, one can effectively pay for the transcripts being produced, and filter out all the irrelevant costs that come with a hire within the organization hire. Additionally, management will be freer to concentrate on more important priorities and leave the transcription specifics to their partnering medical transcription company.

Choosing your medical transcription provider
An efficient medical transcription provider will be equipped with a multi-step review process of the transcribed contents and would also ensure timely delivery of the transcripts in its highest quality. Transcriptionists are required to understand medical terms, their meanings and pronunciation in addition to skills in computer applications and English language composition and grammar and courses for certification are specifically made to train you in these areas.

While choosing your medical transcription provider ensures that the transcriptionists employed by the company are certified by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). For documents of wide implication and importance require the transcriptionists to have a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) designation which is meant for acute medical transcription.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners have some of the most stressful jobs in the world. They are expected to constantly learn about the latest developments in the industry and get a hands-on experience with the latest equipment and technologies used in the industry. Apart from saving the lives of patients, it’s essential for healthcare providers to maintain patients’ medical records for future reference. The growing need for keeping records has paved a way for the medical transcription companies.

Key Services

Typically, the best medical transcription companies can provide medical transcription for the following:

  • Operative reports
  • Discharge summaries
  • Medical history and physicals
  • Biomedical science drafts and theses
  • Medical research interviews
  • Consultation and administrative letters

The Importance

Medical transcription is the foremost aspect of the healthcare industry. It helps healthcare practitioners save time, money, and resources. The accuracy of transcriptions is very important in the industry as physicians need to be certain that their vocal dictations are correctly written in documents. As medical transcription service providers have years of experience in providing accurate transcribed documents, they help healthcare professionals in accessing vital information in the quickest time possible.

Here are some points explaining the importance of record-keeping services offered by medical transcription companies.

  • Physicians and all other healthcare professionals use transcribed documents to assess the current condition of patients. Referring to these records is also very important while deciding the course of treatment for patients. In addition to this, these records help in evaluating patients’ condition in case a new health complication occurs.
  • Many times, patients require treatment from doctors from different disciplines of medicine. Medical transcriptions prove to be greatly helpful in such cases as they facilitate the flow of information between all professionals involved. As all the healthcare providers can refer to the correctly transcribed texts, they can decide the right course of treatment without getting confused at any step.
  • Apart from doctors, support staff also plays a crucial role in providing care to the patients. They must understand the warning signs and have correct knowledge of everything related to the patients to ensure proper care. A trusted medical transcription service provider can help the support staff by providing accurately transcribed documents in the quickest time.

Healthcare professionals play a critical role in promoting health, preventing diseases, and deliver health care services to individuals, families, as well as communities. However, if, as a medical practitioner, you have to spend the working hours in managing administrative work, you cannot enjoy a productive day as it takes you away from your core work. Hiring a prominent medical transcription service provider can help you protect your patient time and deliver the best quality care.

In order to streamline and improve access to information, medical professionals are required to maintain Electronic Health Record (EHR) documentation. However, juggling between the two works not only prevents you from doing what you are good at but also hampers your performance.

Medical transcription importance

There are a number of medical transcription companies that offer the services of their hired transcribing experts to assist medical professionals in keeping all the relevant information electronically. When it comes to finding low cost medical transcription, Indian companies can offer significant benefits in the long run. Here’re the key reasons to hire the medical transcription services.

Low cost: Medical transcription service providers in India offer reasonably priced transcription services in comparison with other countries. Generally, you may have to pay a hefty amount to get the verbal medical notes transcribed in high-quality text format; however, you can save those bucks for something more important by hiring the low cost medical transcription services from Indian companies.

Ease of access: Hiring the services of skilled transcription service providers helps in referring the transcribed documents for future reference. In the healthcare industry, there can be different healthcare professionals involved in a medical case, which requires all of them to go through the patient’s medical history, diagnosis, and treatment with ease. Whether you have audio and videos speeches for research interviews, medical history, or discharge summaries, you can get it all transcribed from the transcribing experts for ease of access to medical documents.

Accuracy and timely delivery: If you hire the services from well-established medical transcription companies, you can expect to get transcription records with utmost accuracy. As these experts have rich expertise in the industry, they can deliver transcribed documents within the stipulated time.

The healthcare industry is facing a lot of challenges in providing quality treatment and care to the patients. Medical transcription plays an important role in improving the quality of patient care in healthcare facilities. Due to the increased demand for medical records, the number of medical transcription companies has significantly increased in the past few years.

The process of converting audio reports into text formats can be done for detailed medical reports, discharge summaries, and operative reports. These text reports are later used by various healthcare providers, departments and organizations for diagnosis and treatment purposes. These documents can also be referred by insurance companies to process insurance claims for patients. Therefore, as per government guidelines, it is mandatory for healthcare organizations internationally to maintain clear records of the diagnosis as well as treatment of the patients.

Importance of Transcription Companies

Earlier, most physicians and healthcare facilities would depend on dictating medical speech to the voice-recognition software programs that will further need a proofreading. Irrespective of the advancements in these software programs, they would make many mistakes and require human supervision. This would often leave the physicians with unnecessary work overload and irritation. The need to work on a medical record over and over again led to the need for medical transcription companies. In addition to this, the ability to deliver accurate and high-quality documents in a quick turnaround time makes these companies even more important.

Factors to Consider

When it comes to choosing a medical transcription company, you may get confused due to the consistently growing number of companies in the field. Consider the following factors before joining hands with a company and you will have the right solution.

Certified Transcriptionists– Hiring a certified transcriptionist ensures that the transcriptionist has a working knowledge of transcription standards, medical terminology, and HIPAA requirements. In addition to this, it will also ensure maximum accuracy and quick turnaround time due to the high typing speed. In short, these elements make a specialized medical transcriptionist superior to a general transcriptionist.

Past Clients– You should prefer a transcription company that has earlier served clients in the healthcare sector.

HIPAA Practices– Not all companies offer HIPAA compliant services; so, you may ask the medical transcription company whether it follows the HIPAA best practices or not.

Quality Assurance– It’s important to ask the medical transcription (MT) company how it handles the potential errors and discrepancies in the text files. A company that has a dedicated team of transcribers and editors is likely to carry out the transcription copies with maximum accuracy.

There is no need to store your medical transcription records in your cabinets and drawers anymore. There are present online medical transcription services that facilitate medical practitioners to keep their records safely. They work remotely from their unit and keep preparing your transcription documents to assist you in your medical practice.

Importance of records

Medical and healthcare is a challenging profession in which medical facilities strive hard to provide medications and treatment to their patients for their health problems. These medical facilities could be hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, research centers, doctors, surgeons, physicians, nurses, health insurance companies, etc. These facilities may need medical records of a patient at several occasions for different reasons. The law also mandates maintaining the medical record of a patient.

The patients would need medical transcription reports to receive reimbursement of their medical bills from the insurance company. The transcription services prepare accurate medical records of your patient as dictated by a medical practitioner.

Transcription services

Transcription services have become a crucial part of the medical and healthcare industry. A high volume of text is required to maintain up-to-date medical record of the patients in a hospital or even in a small single doctor clinic. Online medical transcription services, agreeing strictly for quality maintenance, meet such requirements smoothly and effortlessly.

Global service

With the help of technological developments like communication channels, internet, etc., it has become possible for the medical and healthcare professionals to keep the medical transcriptions of their patients, without doing overtime. Thanks to the facilitations provided by medical transcription companies working in some other part of the globe!

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