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The market is full of smart speech recognition tools that professionals can use for transcriptional uses. Siri and Alexa have quickly dominated the living rooms of people across the world.

Even though these tools are being used at such a large level, why do journalists and transcription professionals have to suffer? While these automated transcription tools have existed for years, their reliability isn’t the best. As per a Microsoft study, even the most sophisticated speech recognition software has an error rate of 6%.

Need for Transcription Providers

As compared to other industries, transcription services have become an integral part of the healthcare industry. Since there is no scope for errors in the healthcare industry, medical transcription providers offer the best solution. While managing a team of transcriptionists in-house can be a big challenge, medical transcription outsourcing is the best solution in a number of ways.

Benefits of hiring online medical transcription services

Reliability: Professionals offering online medical transcription services have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling medical transcription efficiently. Handing over transcription work to random people isn’t the best idea especially when dedicated professionals can offer reliable services without fail.

Time-saving: Since doctors, nurses, and other support staff in healthcare facilities have specific duties to carry out, they don’t have time to maintain records of patients. They are required to diagnose, treat, and take care of patients and grow knowledge simultaneously. Medical transcription outsourcing professionals can help save time in maintaining patient records for future references.

Custom turnaround time: Generally, medical transcription providers have a quick turnaround time for offering transcribed document. However, you can also expect a custom turnaround time in order to get transcribed medical records within your specified time.

Superior quality: Professional transcribers have a rich knowledge of the latest, as well as traditional medical terminologies, which helps them in delivering accurate documents. They help in delivering documents in accordance with HIPAA standards to meet the expectations.

Perfectionism: There is no margin for errors in the field of medical transcription as it can lead to blunders at the end of healthcare professionals. Referring to incorrect documents can result in incorrect treatment and even death. Qualified and experienced transcribers leave no scope for mistakes and deliver medical records with perfection.

Imagination: Though the healthcare industry is a fact-based field, it is important to have the imagination to catch a possible discrepancy. For example, while typing an operative report, the transcriber should be able to visualize the tools that the provider is using and the events that are taking place during the procedure. In many cases, imagination improves accuracy and also helps single out an inconsistency.

Outsourcing medical transcription work has become the most viable topic in the healthcare industry. When delivered accurately, quickly, and within a stipulated timeframe, medical transcription can be equally hassle-free and productive for numerous healthcare professionals. From licensed clinicians to hospital executives, find outsource medical transcription services an easy and time-saving option.

Nowadays, medical practitioners and hospitals take help of outsourced transcriptionists to address their voice to text needs that should be done in a cost-effective manner. The major objective of outsourcing is to ensure the swift turnover while preserving productivity, efficiency, and the quality work being delivered at lower expenses. Thus, it is important for you to hire low-cost medical transcription services for all the medical transcription works.

  • Minimize Efforts and Expenses

In-house medical transcription can be a budget-draining and difficult process that can leave healthcare industry in a serious bind. Transcripts play a crucial role in medical documentation, however, hiring an experienced, full-time transcriptionist means paying for a high salary and any additional help that may be required.

By hiring professional medical transcription outsourcing services, you will only pay for the transcripts being produced, and not for any additional expenses that come with an in-house resource. In addition, the management will be free to focus on other important priorities and leave the transcription specifics to their medical transcription partner.

  • Make Data More Accessible

There are several reasons to have your medical documentation transcribed, but the most essential reason is the ability for the personnel to be able to search digitally what they need, at any given time. Medical transcription takes recorded video and audio files and transforms the speech to easy-to-index digital text, so that information remains accessible to those that need it.  Also, it is important to hire budget-friendly or low-cost medical transcription services to avoid any delay in the delivery due to other critical work at hand.

  • Attain Accurate and Timely Reports

Choosing qualified medical transcription outsourcing providers that employ well-trained medical transcriptionists is the most essential step in saving time, efforts, and money. These providers take advantage of a unique, proprietary multi-step review procedure of your transcribed data ensuring the highest quality transcript delivery every time.

Amalgamating speech technology with specialized medical transcriptionists who understand your specific medical terminology, professional outsource medical transcription services provide you with the most accurate transcripts.

Medical transcriptionists are one of the most sought-after professionals in the medical field. They address the needs of voice to text or transferring dictation of medical professionals and researchers to written records. These medical records must be accurate, error-free and should be maintained properly in a sound storage system for future use.  Hiring untrained or inexperienced medical transcriptionist can lead to huge losses that would never be in the best interest of the doctor as well as the patients.

Medical transcription outsourcing is a popular way to get high quality and error-free transcription services.

Here is a checklist of the benefits one can gain by outsourcing online medical transcription services to a renowned and experienced agency based in India or other developing countries.

1.      Saves money by hiring in-house transcriptionist and their management 

When you engage in medical transcription outsourcing and hire an experienced transcriptionist agency then it saves a significant amount of time and money as you need not recruit an in-house expert and pay a hefty salary to the transcriptionist as well as spend a fortune on other resources for smooth functioning and management.

2.      Facilitate you get accurate and timely reports

An experienced online medical transcription service provider with the help of its experts facilitates clients to get accurate and timely reports. This helps physicians, surgeons, and radiologists or other medical professionals focus on their core activities and deliver the best treatment to the patients. This helps in easy maintenance and quick retrieval of data or medical records of the patients.

3.      Enhances accessibility and helps in easy comprehension of medical records

When the recorded audio and video files are transcribed into written, easy to index and detailed documents then this makes the authorized persons easily access the data or health records of any patient. Besides this, it facilitates an easy comprehension of the complicated cases and research interviews, medical history or other crucial information even to those who are hard of hearing.

A medical transcriptionist plays an invaluable role in transcribing the audio and video files of the patients as recorded by the doctors to create written documents that becomes medical records of the patients. The documents should be error-free, as they help doctors get comprehensive knowledge about the current situation of patients, let them decide on the course of treatment and take follow-up measures in the event of a relapse or development of related complications.
If the patient is treated with many doctors related to multiple disciplines then the medical records help doctors communicate with each other or provide suitable diagnoses and treatment plan to help the patient recover from illness. Availing transcription services by medical transcription outsourcing is the best way to get quality results and save time and money.
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Some of the essentials that a medical transcription company has to comply with are tight budgets, deadlines and stringent HIPAA compliance regulatory norms. Managing all this on your own can cost you in more ways than one. Towards this end, outsourcing medical transcription has become lucrative for many health practitioners. Though the outsourcing concept is not new, but the trend is gaining wide popularity in recent times. It gives medical practitioners the freedom to concentrate on more relevant things like the patient care. This is due to the fact that outsourcing your medical transcription can help you in the long run by –

Superior Quality & Accurate Medical Records:
There is several medical transcription outsourcing companies at far-off places that strictly adhere to globally standardized procedures. A thorough process would normally involve editing, proofreading and reviewing of the final records. Consequently, health specialists will receive high quality and accurate medical records of the patients.

Though you know that you will be benefited by lower costs but what you really need to know is that outsourcing to offshore locations can serve you at –

  • Low per line rate
  • Low costs in hiring HR, administrative and training processes
  • Low direct labor costs
  • Low annual maintenance costs of digital and transcription equipment

Manage Seasonal Fluctuations in Staffing
This particular point is with respect to US. Medical transcription is one such business which has never seen a slow phase. Each season, the inflow of patients wouldn’t stop but the hospital personnel might get reduced particularly during the festive season. At this time, you will experience the benefit offered by outsourcing companies located at off-shore locations. The under-staffing will not affect the workflow and productivity.

Reduced Infrastructure Investment:
Apart from running core healthcare clinic, healthcare providers also need to invest a huge amount in buying and maintaining the expensive medical transcription equipment. But, there are several HIPAA compliant medical transcription outsourcing companies at far-off places to take away this burden from your head. So contact a highly professional outsource medical transcription provider today!

Leverage Time Zone Differentials to Offshoring Locations:
Health practitioners won’t be disappointed so far as the turnaround time is concerned. The time difference in Asia and USA enables the outsourcing companies to download, transcribe and transmit the files back overnight. The smooth workflow leveraged by medical transcription outsourcing companies will allow specialists in the US to get their reports on the following day.

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