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Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners have some of the most stressful jobs in the world. They are expected to constantly learn about the latest developments in the industry and get a hands-on experience with the latest equipment and technologies used in the industry. Apart from saving the lives of patients, it’s essential for healthcare providers to maintain patients’ medical records for future reference. The growing need for keeping records has paved a way for the medical transcription companies.

Key Services

Typically, the best medical transcription companies can provide medical transcription for the following:

  • Operative reports
  • Discharge summaries
  • Medical history and physicals
  • Biomedical science drafts and theses
  • Medical research interviews
  • Consultation and administrative letters

The Importance

Medical transcription is the foremost aspect of the healthcare industry. It helps healthcare practitioners save time, money, and resources. The accuracy of transcriptions is very important in the industry as physicians need to be certain that their vocal dictations are correctly written in documents. As medical transcription service providers have years of experience in providing accurate transcribed documents, they help healthcare professionals in accessing vital information in the quickest time possible.

Here are some points explaining the importance of record-keeping services offered by medical transcription companies.

  • Physicians and all other healthcare professionals use transcribed documents to assess the current condition of patients. Referring to these records is also very important while deciding the course of treatment for patients. In addition to this, these records help in evaluating patients’ condition in case a new health complication occurs.
  • Many times, patients require treatment from doctors from different disciplines of medicine. Medical transcriptions prove to be greatly helpful in such cases as they facilitate the flow of information between all professionals involved. As all the healthcare providers can refer to the correctly transcribed texts, they can decide the right course of treatment without getting confused at any step.
  • Apart from doctors, support staff also plays a crucial role in providing care to the patients. They must understand the warning signs and have correct knowledge of everything related to the patients to ensure proper care. A trusted medical transcription service provider can help the support staff by providing accurately transcribed documents in the quickest time.

Healthcare professionals play a critical role in promoting health, preventing diseases, and deliver health care services to individuals, families, as well as communities. However, if, as a medical practitioner, you have to spend the working hours in managing administrative work, you cannot enjoy a productive day as it takes you away from your core work. Hiring a prominent medical transcription service provider can help you protect your patient time and deliver the best quality care.

In order to streamline and improve access to information, medical professionals are required to maintain Electronic Health Record (EHR) documentation. However, juggling between the two works not only prevents you from doing what you are good at but also hampers your performance.

Medical transcription importance

There are a number of medical transcription companies that offer the services of their hired transcribing experts to assist medical professionals in keeping all the relevant information electronically. When it comes to finding low cost medical transcription, Indian companies can offer significant benefits in the long run. Here’re the key reasons to hire the medical transcription services.

Low cost: Medical transcription service providers in India offer reasonably priced transcription services in comparison with other countries. Generally, you may have to pay a hefty amount to get the verbal medical notes transcribed in high-quality text format; however, you can save those bucks for something more important by hiring the low cost medical transcription services from Indian companies.

Ease of access: Hiring the services of skilled transcription service providers helps in referring the transcribed documents for future reference. In the healthcare industry, there can be different healthcare professionals involved in a medical case, which requires all of them to go through the patient’s medical history, diagnosis, and treatment with ease. Whether you have audio and videos speeches for research interviews, medical history, or discharge summaries, you can get it all transcribed from the transcribing experts for ease of access to medical documents.

Accuracy and timely delivery: If you hire the services from well-established medical transcription companies, you can expect to get transcription records with utmost accuracy. As these experts have rich expertise in the industry, they can deliver transcribed documents within the stipulated time.

Outsourcing transcription services to a reputed company is a smart choice when you do not have in-house expertise. Transcription is an expensive concern, including wages, benefits, and the overhead costs of a professional audio transcription department. Thanks to qualified medical transcription services in USA with well-trained staff and the right tools for the job, outsourcing the service has become simpler. Specialized transcription is an important aspect of work, especially for law firms, research organizations, and medical practices, as well as for people doing all kinds of studies.

If you are thinking about outsourcing services offering medical transcription in USA, there are great benefits you can consider to make your decision –

  • Cost-effective

Employing full-time transcription personnel in-house is way costlier than finding a professional medical transcription service provider to outsource transcription. With in-house transcription facilities, you have to pay for wages, overtime, equipment, benefits, and training sessions in comparison to simply paying for the service.

  • Skilled staff

One of the top-notch medical transcription services in USA employ experienced and well-trained transcribers who have the clear understanding regarding the transcription process. Also, professionals prevent inaccuracies and delays in delivery.

  • Flexibility

Accredited transcription services hold a team of specialists for every field, from legal transcription to medical transcription, etc.

  • Multi-tasking

Outsourcing frees up your staff for other important admin related work. Instead of forcing transcription work them, you can use your personnel for what they know best.

  • Enhanced Output

A professional medical transcription service provider delivers superior-quality outputs and on-time reporting. With the help of well-developed techniques and access to the right equipment and skill-sets and qualified transcribers, outsourcing companies provide with accurate results.

  • Timely Delivery

Expert project managers are assigned to streamline your entire project, ensuring timely delivery of complete output, in the precise format and style you specified.

  • Personalized Delivery

By seeking the assistance of service providers offering medical transcription in USA provide you with customized reports in accordance with your preferences and requirements.

  • Consistency and Reliability

Reliable outsourcing medical transcription services offer well-proofread transcripts are at your disposal. These services have a full quality control department holding a team of experts and specialists.

  • Reduces Added Burden

Outsourcing medical transcription services allow your in-house staff to focus on their jobs instead of the added burden of transcribing data. Transcription needs absolute concentration to ensure accuracy, which is why it is essential to have someone who can give special attention to the service

Medical transcription service is an indispensable part of healthcare industry. The transcriptionists play a vital role in medical documentation that helps as a source of knowledge for physicians to assess the present health situation and the treatment undergone by the patient, understand the medical history or as substantial evidence in case of legal conflict for insurance claim. No wonder, there has been an increasing demand of medical transcription software, hardware and medical transcription services USA besides the skilled and experienced transcriptionists despite the growing popularity of Electronic Health Records (EHR).
When it comes to documentation of healthcare records, the medical transcriptionists help in creating and maintaining proper health records and check the quality issues to ensure that the records are credible or worth following.
Here is a checklist of some of the important factors that should be considered when hiring medical transcription service provider:-

      1. 1. Good listening ability with an eye on the details

The transcriptionist should have a good listening ability with the knowledge to separate the grain from the chaffe. This important quality helps transcriptionists to complete their assignments in a professional way and provide error-free and comprehensive transcripts.

      1. 2. Updated with the latest developments in medical field

The person should keep himself/herself abreast of the latest trends and developments in the medical transcription industry. He or she should be keen to research and get knowledge of the new terminologies and developments in the medical field.

      1. 3. Extensive experience in medical transcription

Physicians, clinics or hospitals prefer to hire medical transcriptionists who have an extensive experience in this field and are highly professional. A good experience in the transcription is one of the most sought after characteristic for hiring a medical transcription service provider.

      1. 4. The capability to provide accurate transcripts at a short lead-time

Accuracy of transcript is the most essential thing as any error in the medical document is likely to create confusion and may be deemed null and void in the court in case of filing a medico-legal suite. Professionals take care to provide error-free transcripts with 99% or above accuracy, which ensures proper care and safety to patients.

Medical transcription is crucial for the healthcare sector. But it is time-consuming, reduces productivity and sometimes it may even affect healthcare accessibility for patients. That’s the reason you shouldn’t transcribing those documents and patient records on your own, when you can easily get them transcribed from best medical transcription companies and providers. You can outsource audio recordings of physician and healthcare professionals that will be transcribed in high quality by medical transcription companies.

These medical transcription service providers don’t just hear the audio and type recklessly, instead they use their knowledge of medical terminology, jargons, English language and skills-proficiency at typing to ensure that the results of transcription are accurate. Following morning turnaround benefits or within 12 hours of transcription ensures that your healthcare services aren’t hampered, patient records are maintained and updated without a hassle.

Best medical transcription companies offer cost-effective and high quality transcriptions that are tailored or customized for clients. Therefore, clients anywhere from US, UK, Australia and Canada can get audios transcribed in a manner and format of their choice. We make your transcribing burden lighter through simple means and different dictation options. For instance, clients can dial a number and use interactive voice response to record. Or they can use digital recorders and smart phone apps. They are each assigned transcribers and editors for the purpose and every record undergoes a quality check for assuring accuracy.

Choose Totamed Transcription Company for medical transcription services. We lighten your burden with a wide range of services, pre-determined per line costs to ensure that you don’t have to pay any extra costs. Overall, we can help increase your healthcare facility’s accessibility and productivity.

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