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An increasing number of radiologists are considering outsourcing their transcription works owing to the need for cost- cutting as well as getting timely and accurate work. Radiology transcription works often need short processing time due to the urgencies in the treatment procedures. Considering the same, the dependency of radiology units for outsourcing their transcription works in order to get fast processing of medical scans along with expert and accurate transcription of the radiologist’s observations is a must.

Getting the required accuracy in radiology transcription calls for extensive expertise in radiology, understanding the imageries and the terminologies used within various reports like MRI, X Rays, Ultrasounds, CT Scans, etc. Inaccurately transcribed reports can change the entire diagnosis of a radiology report affecting the prescribed treatment plan by the medical practitioners. It is hence critical to rely on a trusted name with credible records in providing accurate radiology transcription services.

Advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing radiology transcription to a professional organization has multiple benefits in addition to cost savings. Radiologists can easily record their observations of the scans on a handheld digital recorder which is sent to the transcription company’s server. Once there, professionally experienced radiology transcriptionists convert the same to digital readable text and file them accordingly. The final edited and cross- checked documents are then sent back to the medical institute for downloading.

Radiology transcription service is a monumental task with the huge bulk of radiology scans generated every single day. The process needs accuracy of transcription along with cross- checking the reports and other follow up notes to create the final documents.

Choosing specialized service providers who can take over complete report preparation and documentation responsibilities not just end up saving time but are huge cost savers when compared to the options of hiring in-house specialists and infrastructure. Additionally, the work is completed with fast turnaround time, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the medical centers. Further, most reputed companies providing radiology transcription services keep advanced dictation tools along with provisions for security features. With saved resources and funds along with the better organization of reports, medical institutions can focus on their core work areas, thereby increasing their overall productivity levels.

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