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An increasing number of radiologists are considering outsourcing their transcription works owing to the need for cost- cutting as well as getting timely and accurate work. Radiology transcription works often need short processing time due to the urgencies in the treatment procedures. Considering the same, the dependency of radiology units for outsourcing their transcription works in order to get fast processing of medical scans along with expert and accurate transcription of the radiologist’s observations is a must.

Getting the required accuracy in radiology transcription calls for extensive expertise in radiology, understanding the imageries and the terminologies used within various reports like MRI, X Rays, Ultrasounds, CT Scans, etc. Inaccurately transcribed reports can change the entire diagnosis of a radiology report affecting the prescribed treatment plan by the medical practitioners. It is hence critical to rely on a trusted name with credible records in providing accurate radiology transcription services.

Advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing radiology transcription to a professional organization has multiple benefits in addition to cost savings. Radiologists can easily record their observations of the scans on a handheld digital recorder which is sent to the transcription company’s server. Once there, professionally experienced radiology transcriptionists convert the same to digital readable text and file them accordingly. The final edited and cross- checked documents are then sent back to the medical institute for downloading.

Radiology transcription service is a monumental task with the huge bulk of radiology scans generated every single day. The process needs accuracy of transcription along with cross- checking the reports and other follow up notes to create the final documents.

Choosing specialized service providers who can take over complete report preparation and documentation responsibilities not just end up saving time but are huge cost savers when compared to the options of hiring in-house specialists and infrastructure. Additionally, the work is completed with fast turnaround time, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the medical centers. Further, most reputed companies providing radiology transcription services keep advanced dictation tools along with provisions for security features. With saved resources and funds along with the better organization of reports, medical institutions can focus on their core work areas, thereby increasing their overall productivity levels.

Radiology is a part of medical sciences that demands most for the transcription services. It is a branch of medical science that uses imaging technology to detect the diseases residing inside the human body. Some of the technologies that radiologists deploy to create the picture of the inside of the human body are X-ray scanner, ultrasound machine, MRIs, CT scan, etc. Use of these technologies offers the power to visualize and reach parts of the human body without opting for surgery. For example, imaging technologies can be used during surgeries to show the movement of surgical instruments or even to deliver treatments without creating large holes in the body.

Need for Radiology Transcription

Since maintaining the accurate records of patients is extremely important for radiologists, radiology transcription services can be the best solution. When it comes to the uses of medical transcription reports, patients also need their radiology transcription reports for getting the refund of their medical and diagnosis bill and other needs. Radiology transcription experts have comprehensive knowledge of radiology terminologies and have years of experience in delivering well-formatted radiology medical transcription solutions. Therefore, they are your best bet, when it comes to getting radiology documents transcribed into text documents.

Whether you work at a hospital, research center, healthcare facility, or are a radiologist, it’s important to choose a transcriber carefully. An ideal radiology transcriber will deliver your requirements within the promised time. In addition to this, a professional medical transcriber would proof check the transcribed copies to ensure they are free from grammatical errors. Since these professionals possess a great understanding of the jargons and terms of the radiology field, they are capable of providing flawless transcription documents. Since some radiology transcribers also provide free trial services, you can get a fair idea of the quality and turnaround time of their services.

Key attributes of radiology transcription services

  • Minimum 99% accuracy
  • 12 hour turnaround time
  • Free trial
  • Multiple dictation options available
  • EMR/EHR integration

All these attributes enhance the popularity of the radiology transcription services. You can simply get in touch with the medical transcription service provider and raise your queries to know more about their services.

Very few things can be as important for doctors as maintaining proper medical records of each patient. As these records form an important base in almost any medico-legal case or prove to be irrefutable evidence in insurance claims, they are highly beneficial for doctors and patients alike.  Maintaining radiology and other medical records of patients help in the future treatment of patients. They facilitate doctors to prove in the court that they have provided proper treatments to the patient and the patient has suffered due to his/her own negligence or other external factors beyond their control.

Diagnostic tests using imaging tools and techniques like X-ray, CT scans, ultrasound, MRI and others help doctors check the condition of internal organs and identify the causes of the disease. A radiology transcriptionist of a leading medical transcription company helps radiologist maintain proper diagnostic records of the patients by transcribing the voice or video dictations of experts or prepare reports just by observing X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans and ultrasonograms.

Considering the importance of radiology records, it is very important to hire a certified and experienced transcriptionist for radiology transcription who will deliver error-free transcripts in a time-bound manner to enable radiologists or doctors realize their goals.  

You can easily find a well-known medical transcription company that enjoys an enviable reputation in the market and is committed to providing Hippa compliant, secure and timely reports to its clients at a competitive price. You should visit the online site of the company, go through the clients’ testimonials, ask for references, discuss your transcription needs and sign a service contract for getting the services. With a team of experienced transcriptionists and editors, the company should help you get radiology transcription, orthopedics medical transcription, psychiatry or counseling medical transcription fulfilling all your requirements at one place.

In order to determine a particular disease, a Radiologist, with the guidance of various imaging techniques such as the X-ray radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography(PET)Radiology Transcription and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) performs a diagnosis on the patient. The reporting radiographer then pursuits the medical imaging depending up on the location and reads out the images produced on a report which is then carried over to the physician who organized the imaging.

The Radiology Transcription Services is a dexterity provided by highly qualified professionals who can read the imaging composed by the radiographer.

1. The features of this services-

  • These services are cost effective to the clients, which usually comprise of individual physicians, hospitals, and other medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs).
  • The motto of the Radiology Transcription Services is to offer the services to the clients within the shortest possible time.
  • Each of these professionals have enhanced experience in this particular field which thereby gives you accurate readings.

2. How it works-

  • Each client is designated with a transcriber and an editor to work on, ensuring the transcriber becoming accustomed with the requirement of the client.
  • The transcript formed by the transcriber goes through a quality check by highly adroit editors after which the transcript is sent back to the client.
  • An editor then checks the transcript word by word to assure that it is as per the authentic dictation.
  • Transcriptions can be delivered back in MS Word or simple text format to clients or can also be uploaded directly into the client’s EMR/EHR system.

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