The Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription for Psychologists

The Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription for Psychologists


Prompt and reliable transcription service for psychologists is possible using outsourcing. Outsourcing will provide a cost-effective solution to all your psychology transcription and dictation needs. Since the companies who provide these services have a lot of experience, they can help psychologists save time and work with great efficiency. A medical transcription company can make your work easier in the following ways.

•  Hi-tech speech to text solutions

Transcription companies own speech to text solutions. They can give you access to several productivity tools that help you spend less time documenting each patient visit. For instance, their mobile apps help in capturing each visit. They are your partner at every step including from initial dictation input to the final e-signature post-delivery.

•  Keep the focus on the quality 

Psychology transcription requires a thorough understanding of the terminology common to psychology. The experienced, well-trained transcriptionists of a medical transcription company are well-versed in the terminology. Their transcriptionists will produce accurate documents that will exceed your expectations. Multiple levels of quality assurance are offered. At any point, if you are dissatisfied, corrections are made at no additional cost.

•  You can save a lot of money 

Handling speech to text functions in-house can increase the cost manifold. The cost of employment taxes, benefits and vacation leave can all be reduced by outsourcing to a transcription company. A transcription company will not characteristically force you to sign long-term contracts. This means the company will work hard to ensure you are satisfied. A transparent billing gives you the option to pay on a per-line or per-character basis. This will give you a clear picture of the output that you are getting on a daily basis.

•  The options are user-friendly 

User-friendly dictation options are available, which makes it easy to choose one. Available methods include PC microphone, telephone, smartphone, and digital recorder. Innovative mobile apps are also available at no cost. They can fully integrate with the transcription company’s online document management portal.

•  Protect sensitive patient health information 

The transcription companies closely adhere to the national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. The transcription companies have security systems with advanced encryption protocols. They follow best practices for cybersecurity to ensure patient data is well-protected.

Summary: Totalmed Transcription is one of the best in the field of psychology transcription. You can choose among the user-friendly options and save the cost incurred for doing transcription work in-house.



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