Transcribe your Counselling Sessions

Transcribe your Counselling Sessions


Counselling sessions are extremely sensitive as regards time and the persons availing of the service. By their very nature, sessions of counselling are led by the patient/client as it is the professional’s duty to observe first and then offer advice or prescribe help. It is common for counsellors to record their sessions and to have them transcribed subsequently. Transcription of counseling sessions is also often requested by clients to keep a track of their progress.

Latest trends foster need for transcription

Psychological service performed over the telephone or via the internet are increasingly being preferred as unlike other forms of counselling, telephone or online counselling is potentially free of certain constraining factors that affect traditional therapy, including geography, time, duration, and cost, making this form of counselling more accessible for a number of people who would be unable to attend traditional psychotherapy.

It also provides a degree of anonymity that is comforting to some callers, reducing the menacing feeling that some people may feel at the prospect of seeking treatment with a traditional in-person therapist and encouraging disclosure. Such service ranges from individual, couple or group psychotherapy with a professional therapist to psychological first aid provided by para-professional counsellors.

This trend whereby sessions over communication platforms are increasingly being preferred over traditional sessions has led to an increase in the need for transcription of counselling sessions as it is not possible for the therapists to have a pen in hand and their phone in the other and pay attention to the clients.

Need for transcription

While in the case of the telephonic or internet sessions it is a necessity that the sessions be recorded and transcribed owing to the nature of such communication. It is not the only reason why the sessions are required to be transcribed. Even in traditional in-person counselling sessions the transcription of counselling sessions saves the precious time of therapists and helps them focus on their client’s needs and evaluate their progress. The therapist can use the transcripts of each therapy session to give an organized and expert approach to their counseling.

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