Chiropractic Medical Transcription

Chiropractic medical transcription services from Totalmed Transcription Company! Chiropractic transcriptions are the medical documents and reports that are related to a patient’s chiropractic treatment.

Also known as a drug free treatment, chiropathy is an alternative medical treatment procedure, in which the practitioner or the chiropractor uses his hands (cheir, the Greek word for hands) to treat the ailments of joints, body ache, etc. The practitioner provides therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises and suggests nutritive diet chart to his/her patients.

Even though it is an alternative medical procedure, but the professional is required to maintain and keep the records of his patients and the provided treatments. These transcription documents play a pivotal role during the health insurance claims as well.

Totalmed Transcription Company provides prominent medical transcription services. We deliver precisely prepared transcripts to all kinds of chiropractic treatments. Whether it is an evaluation note or progress report of a patient, we transcribe everything for our client chiropractors. We also prepare transcriptions for consultation reports, patient visits, patient discharge documents and treatment summaries.

Being a professionally managed firm, we ensure privacy and safety of patient and client data. Our proficient transcriptionists come from medical background, which helps them understand the terminologies of chiropathy smoothly. We employ them after several rounds of tests and interviews to adjudge their writing and listening abilities. It helps us to provide you with the best chiropractic medical transcription services. We also have highly experienced language editors and proofreaders, who crosscheck the transcriptions once they have been prepared. We ensure optimal accuracy in our prepared documents.

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