Podiatry Medical Transcription

Podiatry medical transcriptions from Totalmed Transcription Company! We prepare accurate medical transcription documents for the medical practice of podiatrists at affordable and competitive pricing.

Podiatry is a medical science that deals with the ailments that occur in the foot, ankle and lower body territories aka legs. A podiatrist is hence a doctor with a special postgraduate podiatric medical training. He/she diagnoses the problems, suggests medications and performs surgery to treat the ailing leg. Sometimes, the practitioners may also offer psychological consultation to patients to help them overcome their disorders.

Just like any other medical practitioner, podiatrists also have to keep their medical treatment log. It helps them understand and stay updated with a patient’s health condition. The transcription documents of a patient are of high importance during health insurance claims.

Totalmed Transcription Company is one of the most preferred partners for podiatry medical transcription services. We are currently providing flawless medical transcriptions to various podiatrists from all over the world. From basic to advanced, we create and organize podiatric medical transcriptions of all kinds. Whether you want telephonic consultations, simple visits, major or minor surgical treatments, prescriptions, patient records, lab reports or emergency cases, we do it all for you.

We understand the significance of accuracy in the medical profession. Hence, we have employed the best medical transcriptionists to prepare your medical transcription reports. Our qualified editors and proofreaders make sure that you receive error-free transcriptions.

You can send us your dictations through three options. You can dial our toll free number, use our mobile app or access our transcriber device to record and send your dictation to us. We will send you the well-formatted transcription reports securely.

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