Surgery Medical Transcription

Surgery is a decisive tool in the medical science that is performed for various major to minor reasons. In some cases, the life of a patient is at stake. In several other instances, the patient is referred to some other specialist treatment center or surgeon for some special treatment. To state the medical condition of a patient in any such situation, a report is sent forward. Often, the insurance company will also need a copy of his medical record or surgery medical transcription report to reimburse the medical bill of a patient,

According to the law, hospitals, nursing homes, patient care centers, doctors, physicians, etc., are required to maintain the health and treatment record of their patients. Additionally, the accuracy of this document is of superior significance.

Totalmed Transcription is a highly experienced and reliable company that provides fast, accurate and affordable medical transcription services  in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and also other countries around the world. It caters accurately and timely prepared surgery transcriptions to hospitals and surgeons globally. We understand the importance of up-to-date medical records of a patient, therefore we deliver thoroughly inscribed transcriptions within 24 hours of receiving your dictation. We have three options for you to send us your recordings. These are – toll free number; Android and/or iOS app; and transcriber device and sound file transfer through email or FTP.

We have employed a dexterous team of transcriptionists who have been working in the medical transcription field and are aware with the terminology of the surgeons and surgery. In addition, to review their work for possible subject and language-related flaws, we have lined in dedicated transcription editors and quality analysts. These experienced editors cross check the work of transcriptionists by taking your dictation in consideration.

Totalmed Transcription Company aims to deliver quality surgery medical transcription services at affordable prices. No other transcription company can meet the commitment, promises and standards, rendered by us.

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