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Totalmed Transcription

Totalmed Transcription Company is a professionally operated organisation, operating since 1999. We follow innovative approaches to offer medical transcription services in UK that are provided from our HIPAA compliant transcription facility. A team of 250 Medical Transcribers and Proof-readers works 24x7 to provide our clients an error-free and accurate medical transcription service. We can use your templates, any instructions and abbreviations, and charges are as minimal as 6 cents per line, based on 65 characters per line, which are calculated using a line counting software.

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Dictation Options:

  • Handheld Digital Voice Recorders: Our customers are given the facility to record anytime and anywhere using handheld digital recorders. The dictations, after recorded, can be sent to us by connecting the digital recorder to a computer and transferring the data to our server.
  • IPhone/Android Smartphones: Clients can conveniently download a small application through which they can dictate reports into their smartphones. After this, they can transfer the dictations to our servers securely.

Turnaround Time:

We take 12 hours of turnaround time to provide online medical transcription services to our customers. Our team ensures that the file creation process is fast and easy.

EMR Users:

Keeping in mind the convenience of customers, we provide them the facility to transcribe notes directly into EMR systems.

Our Specialities

Totalmed Transcription specializes in:


Orthopaedics Transcription

Expert analytic and state-of-art transcription services are offered by us for any disease or injury of the bones or joints from the fracture and complex tumours. The team of diligent and adept professionals collaborates with physicians to write down the transcription report of the hip, shoulder, ankle, knee, elbow, finger joint and wrist replacement treatment. We have pioneered innovative methods and technology in ensuring noteworthy transcription reports.

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Cardiology Transcription

We offer cardiologist medical transcription in the UK. A team of highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists, who have essential knowledge of medical terminologies, has enabled us to provide services efficiently. The experts hired by us are knowledgeable in transcribing the medical report of cardiology patients.

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Neurology Transcription

Owing to our vast experience, we have been able to create and format Neurology reports successfully. Our team of dedicated transcribers and proof-readers specialises in preparing Neurology reports. They go extra mile to ensure that our client receive top notch services.

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Dental Transcription

Totalmed Transcription Company also provides transcription services for dentists. Knowing that it is difficult for the dentists to maintain accurate records of the patients, we render these services to them. Our team of excellent transcribers ensures that the transcription is high quality and error-free.

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Haematology Transcription

Haematology is a branch of Physiology that deals with the morphology and physiology of fluid connective tissue-blood to diagnose diseases like anaemia, leukaemia, and other blood-coagulation abnormalities. Haematology transcription report services are offered by us with the help of our expert transcriptionists.

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