Benefits of Medical Transcription Services

Benefits of Medical Transcription Services


Medical transcription is a specialized task that demands knowledgeable and experienced business partners who understand the needs of the healthcare industry. Here are a few facts you need to know to utilize medical transcription services in the UK efficiently.

Scope of Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription services are used to complete clinical documentation of patients’ medical records, which includes admission history, problem list, progress notes, medications, surgery or procedure notes, discharge summary and followup notes. You can upload voice-recorded dictations to the servers of the transcription company you have signed up. The transcripts are returned to you in text format or EHR/ EMR compatible format, based on your requirement.

How does Transcription benefit?

Transcription benefits the primary caregivers, doctors, the most. Documentation takes up a lot of their time, which otherwise spent in the care of patients. Quality of documentation is always a concern when doctors write it themselves, as they tend to shorten the content to a bare minimum. This often leads to missing information and inappropriate reimbursements. Continuity of patient care also gets affected. When physicians fail to generate a comprehensive medical record, manual or electronic, a substantial delay may occur in the availability of essential information when needed. Medical transcription services enable the physicians and healthcare organizations to make the medical records timely, accurate and useful. The solution is to utilize full dictation and transcription services and thus enable the physicians to complete their medical records on time without disrupting their workflow.

How Does Transcription Work?

Dictation can usually be done in smartphone apps. Other alternatives include digital recorders or toll-free telephone dictation. Companies who provide transcription services assign transcribers and editors to a client so that they get familiar to the requirements and dictation styles. This minimizes the risk of errors. Before the completed transcript is returned to the client, an editor reviews it word-by-word against the original dictation. A highly-skilled and experienced set of transcribers and editors can assure the accuracy and quality of your clinical documentation.

Factors To Consider To Choose A Transcription Service

Before you engage medical transcription services in the UK, consider few factors of utmost importance. Medical documentation needs to be accurate, complete and timely to serve its purposes. Consider the quality assurance activities, safety measures taken and reports on accuracy levels to assess transcription services.The right transcription service can save your time and money.

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