EHR And Transcription Services In Oncology

EHR And Transcription Services In Oncology


Medical transcription is a considerable time, money, and resource-saver service for healthcare professionals and organizations. The process of dictation through voice recorder and conversion to text format by medical transcriptionists allows the care providers to reap the benefits of comprehensive documentation with negligible effort. Oncology transcription is a specialized subset of medical transcription.

The Necessity Of Data In Oncology Services

Effective communication and coordination are vital in high-quality, patient-centered cancer care. Documentation plays an essential role in communicating preferences and goals of care, across settings, and between the patient and multidisciplinary care team. A chronic illness like malignancy needs comprehensive documentation that includes onset and identification of disease, past medical history and medications, the progress of the illness, care episodes as inpatient, surgeries and procedures, and current medications and therapeutic regimes.

EHR for Oncology Services

More and more hospitals move from traditional paper charts to electronic health records. EHR contains fewer errors compared to paper-based records. A comprehensive review of the case is possible at each point of care, which results in accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment methods. The use of allows multiple healthcare providers, regardless of location, to access a patient’s record from any computer simultaneously. The EHR allows efficient collaboration on multiple facets of a patient’s care. However, EHR demands structured documentation of patient care which makes it difficult for the physicians to follow. They may find pre-designed templates somewhat restrictive. Physicians find themselves distracted and fail to make eye contact with their patients. Thus even a perfect EHR can prove disruptive to patient-doctor communication.

How Can Transcription Services Help?

You can improve the adoption rate of EHR with the help of transcription services.  Physicians dictate their notes into voice recorders and medical transcriptionists enter the data into the required file format. The transcriptionist ensures that each data element is documented in the correct field. They will review and edit the document to make sure that the information is entered accurately. All the components in a template should be documented carefully. The file is returned to the client in EHR/ EMR compatible format. Specialized services like oncology transcriptions will be provided by transcriptionists and editors who are familiar with terminology specific to disease processes and treatment regimes.

Medical transcription and EHR can go hand-in-hand to document a comprehensive medical record that helps in improved quality of patient care and efficient billing processes.

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