Essential Tips to Select the Best Medical Transcription Provider

Essential Tips to Select the Best Medical Transcription Provider


In the healthcare domain, maintaining the right documentation about a patient’s treatment procedure, diagnosis, analysis, surgery notes, and other data are crucial. In this high-paced and stressful job, often doctors, healthcare practitioners, and nurses have to do a lot of documentation besides providing patient care. Thankfully, medical transcription services can come to their rescue.

Due to convenience, there is a surge of medical transcription providers worldwide. It is hence important to find the right medical transcription company that aligns with the motives of your organization and requirement. Below criteria are important to follow before investing in a company offering medical records transcription.

1. Adaptation and usage of Innovative Technology

For any medical transcription provider, it is essential to use the latest technology infrastructure to be able to support customer needs. You must look for the financial stability of the company and the ability to provide facilities like Electronic Health Record software. The company should have the appropriate bandwidth and knowledge to suggest system updates for the benefit of your medical practitioners.

2. Experience

While choosing a transcription company, you should consider its overall experience and client testimonials. In recent times, due to the overwhelming demand, many individuals have started offering medical records transcription. Nevertheless, their documentation may not be very accurate and can be difficult to decrypt. Alternatively, established organizations with years of experience like Totalmed Transcription can offer accurate and refined results at no extra cost.

3. Quality and turnaround time

Quality is a key consideration for any medical transcription service provider. The documentation must be accurate and error-free, with very little or no corrections needed. To understand the quality, you can always ask for a quick 15 to 20 mins demo work. Along with quality, most medical establishments require the document within a stringent timeline. Usually, medical transcription providers have a standard turnaround time of 24 hours. You can always negotiate the terms and lessen the turnaround time in special cases, paying a higher cost.

4. HIPAA compliance

A medical record transcription company must comply with all the state and federal mandates along with the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). When it comes to handling the PHI (Protected Health Information), the company must provide appropriate security.

5. Online Reviews and Customer Service

Medical services are available round-the-clock service. Therefore, the medical transcription provider should also be available 24 hours, all 365 days. There should be an instant resolution of queries that arise even after office hours. Often people refer to online reviews from previous clients as testimonials. Make sure the company has a decent rating online and some happy customers that testify its promised services.

Summing up, it is convenient and beneficial to outsource your medical records transcription reputed companies. Totalmed Transcription is a trustworthy medical transcription provider in this regard, as it provides reliable documentation quickly and for a very nominal price.

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