Totalmed Transcription – Offering Low-Cost Medical Transcription Services

Totalmed Transcription – Offering Low-Cost Medical Transcription Services


Medical experts have to go through many things as part of their job. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are always on their toes the entire day. Besides treating patients, to keep the business running, they also have to transcribe the exam notes. If the all-day work is not enough, at the end of a long day, this extra paperwork can add to that stress.

The best and Low cost best transcription provider

It is a common practice these days to outsource the transcription of documents to experts who can convert voice notes or memos into accurate documents. As accuracy and turnover time is crucial, these services can cost the hospital a fortune. Still, few renowned companies like Totalmed Transcription, provide low cost medical transcription. The company has expanded the medical transcription services to UK, Canada, USA, and Australia alongside India.

Here are some of the key features of this brand that will make you opt for their services.

1. Multiple methods of Dictation, available

It provides you with three comprehensive methods of recording the dictation. Digital recorders, which can be hand held and carried around to record. The second method is by installing a smartphone app, available on Android and iPhone. The transcriptionist can record the dictation on the phone and securely transfer the report to the servers. Lastly, the service is available over the toll-free telephone, where doctors can call and record the dictation directly into the servers.

2. Highly trained dexterous professionals for exceptional quality

Accuracy is a key component in medical transcription. It requires specialized professionals for error-free documentation. The team at Totalmed Transcription has over 250 trained professionals with expertise in varied medical specialty areas. It also ensures quality and accuracy of 99%.

3. Service available at a competitive price

The rate of medical transcription can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, this company lets you choose low cost medical transcription services in UK, India, Canada, Australia, and the USA with high accuracy yet less turnover time. It has a flat charge of 6 cents per line without any hidden and extra applicable charges. It charges the actual number of words typed. If required, it will also share the detailed billing statement mentioning the cost of individual lines.

4. Information security and data privacy

The brand abides by HIPAA or the Health Insurance and Accountability Act guidelines to ensure the protection of client and patient confidential data. It also has an ECP (Emergency Contingency Plan) system that deletes the details of patients that no longer need attention.

Final Word

For healthcare professionals, external medical transcription services have increased productivity and reduced stress. You can reach the team at Totalmed Transcription for low cost medical transcription services in the UK and other parts of the world. This well-equipped and modern unit ensures client satisfaction and also saves money.

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