How can a Medical Transcriptionist Help a Clinical Psychologist?

Mental health professionals like a clinical psychologists or even a psychiatrist require the help of a medical transcriptionist for transcribing documents, notes, medical reports and charts into accurate medical records. In this article, we will list why a medical transcription provider can accomplish this job perfectly.

It is a specialized job.

Since medical terminology related to mental health can be highly complex, it requires a specialized job. A transcriptionist needs an in-depth understanding of all the medical terms and insurance guidelines to generate error-free patient records.

A lot of variations are there.

Clinical notes are often varied and commonly include longer narratives instead of standard medical terms and phrases. Each patient will have a different mental state, and the narratives of each patient will vary. That is why a specialist in psychology transcription will perform the job more efficiently.

The volume to be transcribed is huge.

A medical transcription provider will be required in clinical psychology because the volume to be transcribed is very large. Every detail that a patient reports to the doctor needs to be recorded because it can help in the treatment. Since there are many sessions involved in the treatment of mental patients, transcription will require professional help.

Ensures that there are no errors

Taking care of the errors is ensured by a professional transcriptionist. For this, the transcription will go through multiple levels of quality assurance to enhance its quality.

Multiple dictation options

Since there are many ways of dictating material for transcribing, a medical transcription provider will provide several options. A vast array of user-friendly dictation options are available. They include telephone, smartphone, digital recorder and PC microphone, among others.

Ensures confidentiality

Maintaining compliance with all the legal provisions for confidentiality is also important. Avoiding leakage of a patient’s information is paramount. Professionals ensure that the patient’s mental health record remains confidential. Psychology transcription needs to maintain secrecy because any divulgence will lead to embarrassment for the patient.

Reduces the cost

Outsourcing of transcription work is being done by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. Doing transcribing in-house is costlier. A hospital will have to employ transcriptionists. Since the payment is decided per line or per word, it is convenient.


Clinical psychologists, as well as psychiatrists, require the assistance of a transcriptionist because large volumes need to be transcribed. Additionally, it is a specialized job, and confidentiality has to be maintained.

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