Leveraging Medical Transcription For Managing And Organizing Medical Records

Clients who include law firms, insurance companies, hospitals, and private medical practitioners who use medical records review services because they have to manage a large volume of unorganized data. In this blog, we will give an overview of what is involved in medical records review.

What is Medical Records Review?

Medical Records Review is done to assess the medical records of a patient. Professional medical reviewers in a medical transcription firm provide services that include identification, review, interpretation, and analysis of the various facts in a patient’s medical records.

Medico-legal consultants, including law firms and insurance companies, outsource medical records review to focus on more constructive activities.

Why is professional assistance required for Medical Records Review?

Medical records review requires professionals for several reasons. They include the very fact that not everyone possesses medical expertise. The process is very time-consuming and will shift a client’s focus from constructive work. Identifying missing data or records will require a detailed study. Only experienced reviewers can organize and manage medical records.

What do Medical Records Review Services entail?

A medical chronology is established with the help of medical records review. It is an accurate representation of a person’s medical history. This is prepared with the help of documents like lab test reports, hospital reports, yearly medical check-ups etc. The following may be included in the services:

• Organizing medical data pertaining to medical care received, diagnostic procedures, therapy notes and treatment
• Prepare a list of the objective tests performed
• Look at any inconsistencies in treatment based on clinical history
• Summarize the case history and create a checklist for easy review by lawyers, insurance companies and doctors.
• Transcription of doctor’s notes along with an accurate interpretation of medical records

How are Medical Records Review Services helpful?

Medical records are required for the proper treatment of patients. The safety of patients and quality treatment can be ensured if hospitals have access to a concise medical record of a patient. In medico-legal cases, a summary of medical history is necessary to review the pertinent information quickly. Inconsistencies in treatment can be ascertained with the help of medical records. These services are required in workers’ compensation claims, insurance claims, or personal injury claims.

In a nutshell, medical records reviewers can assist hospitals, medical practitioners, and lawyers. The hospital needs them for proper and safe treatment. Processing any health insurance claim, injuries, or workers’ compensation requires a review of medical records.

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