How EHR Contributes to Enhancing Healthcare Quality?

Electronic Health Record or EHR stores various data about the medical condition of a patient.

How EHR Contributes to Enhancing Healthcare Quality?


The quality of healthcare depends on timely access to the data regarding a patient. Electronic Health Record or EHR stores various data about the medical condition of a patient. And therefore, it is gaining importance in healthcare services. In this blog, we will discuss the ways how EHR transcription can help improve the quality of healthcare.

  • Transcribed medical records are accurate.

Many errors can be avoided if the physician’s prescription is available in a typed form. These errors can lead to wrong medication, which can change the status of a patient from stable to unstable. The right treatment can be administered to a patient if all the details of the treatment are accurate.

  • The use of the EHR system has made it relevant

EHR system is used in healthcare services. A compatible recording device is used, and the physician has to just dictate the notes. Multiple dictation options are available so that audio files can be recorded. This will reduce the burden on the physician, who are the main revenue earners for a healthcare service provider.

  • Reduces the cost involved in hiring transcriptionists

A healthcare service provider can reduce its expenditure on hiring transcriptionists. Hiring an in-house transcriptionist will call for salary payment. Saving money is possible by using EHR transcription services.

  • Better turnaround time ensured

It is well-recognized that any delay in treatment will result in poor patient outcomes. Accessing health records is possible with an EHR system. However, quick transcription of the audio files will be required to update the EHR of a patient.

  • Keeping the medical records of a patient confidential

The privacy of a patient is of utmost importance. Keeping the data secure is a key aspect of medical transcription. Professional medical transcription companies will be HIPAA compliant. They will not disclose the details of a patient’s medical history without getting consent.

  • Compatibility with any EHR system

Well-known medical transcription companies use software that will be compatible with the HER system being used by a provider. This will not hamper the workflow of the EHR. To make the process efficient, the transcribed reports are put into the proper EHR text field.

  • The service can be availed without incurring huge expenditure

EHR transcription will not require a provider to enter into a long-term contract. There is a lot of transparency in the charges that are levied. Typically, a medical transcription company will charge it on the basis of lines that are transcribed.

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