Objective Medical Examination by IME Physicians

Objective Medical Examination by IME Physicians


An independent medical examination or IME is an objective medical examination done by a third party.  It can be requested by insurance companies, HR managers, employers, lawyers, or any benefits providers.  This is to ensure the authenticity of the injury for which a claim has been made.  A comprehensive exam is done by a medical practitioner not previously involved in the treatment.  This medical exam helps to establish the extent of the injury.  IME transcription services are provided for insurers, administrator’s business lines such as liability, FMLA, workers compensation, disability, and automotive.  IME transcription has to be extremely accurate as any discrepancies could affect the outcome of the case.  They also have to be prioritized as further treatment depends on the outcome of this examination.

Importance of Meticulous IME Transcription

An IME physician will evaluate the patient to assess his functionality and his physical and mental preparedness to carry out his tasks.  They then make their recommendations regarding the patient’s ability to function at home, in the workplace, and for recreation.  IME transcription has to be meticulously done as it can affect the life of a person.  All doubts have to be clarified or flagged and brought to the attention of the dictator.  Every word must be clear without any ambiguity and the IME physician has to be ready with supporting documents.  There must not be any word that implies bias because that can invalidate your report.

Transcribing IME Reports with Dedication And Patience

IME transcription service providers must ensure a quick turnaround time.  The servers must be secure and HIPPA compliant, so that confidentiality is maintained.  It should be possible for authorized people to edit, review, print, or email the report as required.  An IME is usually required when there is a questionable claim.  IME transcripts are used by workmen compensation firms, law firms, physician offices, and insurance companies.IME reports are rather long and it takes dedication and concentration to ensure the report is accurate.  The QA process should ensure tight editing so that no errors slip through.  There should be good communication between the transcriptionists and the medical staff so that a final concise report is created.

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