Rely on Totalmed Transcription for all your medical transcription service

Rely on Totalmed Transcription for all your medical transcription service

Very few things can be as important as getting accurate, complete and reliable data in the healthcare industry. Doctors, physicians, and healthcare professionals aim to ensure that people get high-quality medical services at a competitive price. However, with the increasing number of patients and loads of backend tasks, it becomes quite difficult for them to cope up with the pressure and realize the goal of delivering comprehensive and value-added medical services to everyone.

Outsourcing transcription service to a renowned medical transcription company would not only help doctors and patients get the documentation requirements fulfilled but would also save their precious time and money. This would enable them to focus on their core tasks and competencies and facilitate them maintain the balance in their works and lives.

We at Totalmed Transcription understand the importance of providing accurate and quality transcription service to the medical professionals at a quick turnaround time. Hence, with a team of over 250 experienced transcriptionists and proofreaders, we provide cost-effectively and HIPPA Compliant medical transcription service to our clients in all the branches of medical practice.     Whether you require psychology transcription or psychiatry transcription, cardiology, radiology or oncology medical transcription, our experts can provide you quality transcription service at 99%+ accuracy at an unbeatable price of 6 cents per line in a totally secure way within the scheduled time. For fulfilling our increasing number of clients’ requirements, our experts deliver services from six modern and well-equipped units in India. Being updated with the latest trends and developments in the specific medical field and HIPPA compliance requirements, our expert transcriptionists provide a one-stop solution to medical transcription services.

Clients can choose the dictation options (from a smartphone app, digital recorders or toll-free telephone dictations) and avail services of dedicated transcribers who would provide services as per their specific requirements. They can get the psychology transcription work in MS Word or simple text format or get the medical transcripts directly uploaded in the EMR or EHR system.

Our well-qualified medical transcriptionists make it simple and easy to prepare accurate medical documents, upload the health/medical records of patients in the digital form and ensure that there is no any difficulty in accessing the same. Selecting an outstanding and experienced medical transcription company for outsourcing medical transcription services would prove to be the best bet that would ensure that you get premium services at a reasonable price in a scheduled way.

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