Why hire an experienced agency for medical transcription service ?

Why hire an experienced agency for medical transcription service ?

Very few things can be as important as preparing accurate medical reports and preserving the healthcare records of patients for future reference for the doctors and healthcare providers. Medical records of the patients help the doctors assess the present condition of patients, determine a suitable course of treatment and take proper measures in case of any relapse or complication developed post-treatment.

Medical transcriptionists listen and convert dictation or voice-recorded reports of doctors into the text form that helps in proper preparation and maintenance of health records of patients. Totalmed Transcription with its team of over 250 experienced medical transcribers and proofreaders provides high quality and comprehensive medical transcription services to its clients worldwide.

Whether you require expert and accurate radiology transcription or you want to outsource cardiology medical transcription or dentistry medical transcription, we would cater to your transcription needs and provide you with the best value for money. Our strict compliance with HIPPA guidelines is a testimony to the fact that we maintain foolproof security and privacy of patients’ health information.

With over 17 years of successful experience in providing medical transcription in India services, we can prove to be your most reliable outsourcing partner for all your medical transcription needs.

What makes us stand apart from others is our-

1. Reasonable pricing

2. High-quality solution

3. Extensive experience

4. Updated with all EMR platform

5. Totally secure solution

6. No minimum contract

7. Offer 7-days free trial

8. Quick turnaround time of 12 hours

For 65 keystrokes that constitute a line, we charge only 6 cents per line that is nearly unbeatable. Very few transcription agencies can match our quality and pricing that ensures that all our clients get the optimum satisfaction and the best transcription service that they deserve.

We are a leading name among agencies providing medical transcription in India. We have helped many hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical research centers and other medical professionals with our matchless and complete radiology transcription solution. If you have any query or require medical transcription in any medical specialty then you can get in touch with our expert and discuss your requirement. We will strive to meet and even exceed your expectations and facilitate you save time and money and realize your business goals.

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