Some Essential Concerns While Choosing EHR Transcription Services

Some Essential Concerns While Choosing EHR Transcription Services


What do you look for when it comes to EHR transcription services? Of course, the answer is reliable and trustworthy performance. In a rush to find a low-cost medical transcription service, you may end up with compromises.

The term EHR or Electronic Health Record is a digital version of a patient’s health chart. EHR transcription services thus belong to real-time evaluations and information. It provides security to the authorized users as EHR contains the treatment and medical history of patients. It allows you to keep track in an effective and efficient way. Furthermore, if you are looking for low-cost medical transcription, make sure you are not compromising with the help of your patient. 

Decision-making factors

When derived from a trained expert, EHR transcription services can turn out more productive and reliable. If you do not want to allocate your internal resources to the task, here are some points to help you outsource the task to a worthwhile company. 

1. Turnaround time

You must check for the turnaround time of the transcription service. Many offer a turnaround time of about 24 hours. This time may vary in accordance with the requirement, health, and prioritization of patient and client. Certain documents may seek a long time whereas others take comparably lesser time.

2. Certified transcriptionists

EHR Transcription Services intend to fulfil several requirements of different physicians and medical experts. On choosing one, you can begin dictating. Nevertheless, it is always important to choose the provider having due field experience. You must check for their certifications to ensure their proficiency. You could expect certified transcriptionists to possess proper training and experience to execute their job. 

3. Overview phases

A preferred transcription service should include two to four layers of overview. These phases ensure the quality and authenticity of the document. The transcribed record goes through the expertise of the experienced professionals, which makes sure to rectify and remove the errors before finalizing the transcribed document. More layers of oversight, somehow, guarantee fewer errors of the transcription service.

It is wise to target the standard cost of service. A low-cost medical transcription provider does not always look worthy in terms of performance. On the other side, you can choose the effectiveness of service without considering too much about the amount. Totalmed Transcription believes in performance. So, just spell out your specific requirement. It not only provides reasonably low-cost medical transcription but also emphasizes the definition of being reliable!


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