Selecting Radiology Transcription Services Provider – Important Points to Ponder

Selecting Radiology Transcription Services Provider – Important Points to Ponder


Medical transcription services UK are growing popular with every passing day. They have become common in medical practices where physicians and medical professionals do prefer medical transcription to increase their work efficiency.

Getting transcription services is very easy in the UK; all thanks to ‘Totalmed Transcription’. Among the many facilities it provides, radiology transcription services hold high significance as it requires experienced medical transcriptionists. Radiology is terminology associated with medical treatments. The reliable medical transcription services UK provide radiologists’ reports to hospitals and clinics. The services include various reports for transcribing like, X-rays, ultrasounds, bone scans, MRI, CT scans, etc.

Since radiology transcription reports are an important element of medical treatments, accuracy becomes more important. The experts providing radiology transcription services abide by several medical transcription tools and processes. Here is a quick look at the same:

1. Initiation process

The client forwards the dictated audio or handwritten reports to the transcription service provider. Here the task begins at the provider’s end.  

Notable point: Tier 1 transcriptionist retrieves the information and listens to the audio file carefully, to begin with, the transcription. Medical transcription services UK for radiology involve carrying out a verbatim transcription.

2. Work-out process

As the next phase of radiology transcription services, the proofreading team works on the transcribed document. After going through the document thoroughly, the tier 1 teamwork on the feedback.  

Notable point: They also check for any required amendments before transferring the same to the QA team.

3. Wrapping process

On arrival of the copy, the quality assurance (QA) team analyzes the document, thoroughly. Constant inspection leads them to drive the deviations in quality. This is one of the most useful phases of radiology transcription services as it reflects the entire worth of service.  

Notable point: The proofreading team includes industry-leading techniques to render the sanctified solution. The accuracy of services may reach up to 99.99%. After this, the transcriptionist prepares the entire document for the client on the required format.

Totalmed transcription leads to the medical transcription services UK, and the credit goes to the trained experts. The radiology transcriptionists focus on performing a multi-level quality process to make the client comfortable. Clients prefer this renowned organization to outsource the tasks related to radiology transcription services, as they find its quality extremely reliable and trustworthy. It is beyond doubt the ultimate destination for quick and reliable radiology transcription services.

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