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The demand for medical transcription services has massively grown in the past few decades. A lot of reasons make medical transcription in India, an asset for healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals. These services help in transcribing audio, video and all other types of digital medical files in text documents with maximum accuracy. It is important for a medical transcription company to have a team of professionals who are qualified and highly skilled in their field in order to deliver medical documents with utmost accuracy.

Key Skills

Here’re some of the skills that medical transcription companies need their professionals to have in order to deliver accurate text copies in the quickest time possible.

Typing skills: Having good typing skills is important for transcription work. Although professional transcriptionists possess this skill, it is an aspect that can be improved by practice. Good typing skills help in delivering the documents to the clients within the stipulated time.

Good grammar: One must understand the nuances of common English in order to understand the language of medicine. The knowledge of integral parts of language such as grammar, punctuation, format and style helps in understanding how the legal document of a medicine record is produced.

Multitasking: Healthcare documentation requires transcriptionists to have a coordination of eye/hand and eye/ear. Some companies, offering medical transcription in India, provide job training programs to help professionals become proficient at multi-tasking.

Commitment to Learning: As new drugs and new medical procedures hit the market every now and then, the job of medical transcriptionists is quite challenging. They always have to upgrade their knowledge to stay relevant to the industrial changes. They are required to keep up with modern technologies and research to assure the accuracy of reports.

Constant self-assessment: Getting an assessment of medical reports and feedback from industrial experts helps in finding out the errors. The assessment is important even when the training is complete as the error rate of transcribed documents directly affects the treatment provided to the patients.

Critical thinking: Incongruous information becomes a lot more apparent for an experienced transcriptionist. An alert Medical Transcriptionist (MT) is always on the lookout for misinformation, which helps in reducing the possibilities of mistakes in medical documents.

Owing to the above-cited skills of professionals, medical transcription in India has become an integral part of the healthcare industry.

Medical transcriptionists have an important role to play in the healthcare delivery system. Though they have little to do with direct patient care, healthcare documentation helps in efficient functioning of the industry.

When it comes to health care providers, medical transcription services ensure that patients can be diagnosed and treated in the best manner. Using online medical transcription services, you can minimize the errors and improve the accuracy of healthcare records.

Need for medical transcription

  • Medical records help doctors and other healthcare professionals in assessing the current condition of patients. Apart from this, these records are also important for deciding the course of treatment and evaluating the condition in case of a relapse or development of related healthcare complications.
  • Since healthcare providers from various disciplines of medicine may need to treat a patient, medical transcriptions facilitate the flow of information between doctors. All doctors can refer to the healthcare documents and provide the patient with the right treatment.
  • As nurses and other support staff need to take care of patients, they can understand the warning signs, the drugs to administer, and samples to take for testing by hiring medical transcription services online.

Key Services

As compared to other countries, medical transcription in India has been quite popular for a number of reasons. Since transcription professionals are hired for a lesser amount in the country, you can expect reasonably priced medical transcription services online. Here are the key service areas of medical transcription companies.

  • Cardiology Medical Transcription
  • Medical Transcription For Dentist
  • Dermatology Medical Transcription
  • Nephrology Medical Transcription
  • Neurology Medical Transcription
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Transcription
  • Psychology Medical Transcription
  • Radiology Medical Transcription
  • Surgery Medical Transcription

The transcription process

Dictation is the first step of sourcing online medical transcription services, for which you can consider any of the following options.

  • Smartphone App: You can install a voice recording app in your smartphone to dictate and transfer the dictation securely to the transcription company.
  • Digital recorders: You can also use a hand-held digital recorder and transfer the files through a company’s FTP site.
  • Toll-free telephone dictation: Some companies offering medical transcription in India provide their clients with toll-free numbers to record the dictation over the telephone for easy recording experience.

Once the dictation process is over, clients are assigned their own transcribers to ensure they understand client-specific requirements and proceed accordingly. Once the transcribed documents are ready, quality analysts check every document to ensure quality isn’t compromised at any level. Depending on a company’s services and the requirements of a client, the transcribed documents can be delivered either in simple MS Word, simple text or into the client’s EMR/EHR system.

Medical records are an essential requirement for any kind of healthcare service. Doctors not only need them for providing accurate treatment to the patients and follow-up well but also to make sure that every specific treatment procedure is well documented and maintained in the form of written records.

As these records are considered legal documents providing substantial evidence in medico-legal cases, it becomes highly important to ensure that the records are error-free and conform to the highest standards of quality.

When you are looking for an established medical transcription company then you should check the following things before zeroing in on a specific service provider.

1.      Check out the credentials

A premier company providing medical transcription in India employs well-qualified and experienced transcriptionists who keep themselves updated with the latest trends and scientific researchers in their specific medical specialties. You need to check the credentials and experience level to get the best results.

2.      Find out the procedure especially the quality review

The editors play a very important role as they proofread the documents, correct the mistakes and ensure that the records are free from any error. You need to find out as to how the company ensures delivery of accurate and timely reports.

3.      Flexibility and affordability

A leading transcription service provider would offer you the maximum flexibility in recording your documents that can be from a handheld digital recorder, Smartphone App or toll-free telephone dictation. Besides this, you should check the pricing of transcription service and ensure that it suits your budget and required quality standards.

4.      HIPPA compliance

All medical professionals and healthcare service provider need to ensure that the maintenance of medical records strictly follows with the HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act guidelines. When you outsource to a leading medical transcription in India service provider you are sure to get the best results.

5.      Dedicated round the clock support

You should be able to get dedicated, round the clock support from your service provider such that you do not face any problem in getting, organizing and maintaining medical records with ease and efficiency.

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