Things you didn’t know about Insurance Transcriptions

Things you didn’t know about Insurance Transcriptions


The arm of transcription services are taking over every possible field. While there are many who frown upon availing transcription services for documentation, when it comes to insurance transcription the opposition is very limited. This is mostly because of the cumbersome process involved in the claiming of insurance- the endless paperwork and reports that are required from both the Insurance Company and the claimant’s end has made insurance transcription services a common ally for both sides. Most companies involved in transcription of insurance claims engage a host of professionals to handle transcription.

What is transcribed?

Insurance claim transcription refers to the transcription of documents involved in the entire process of claiming of insurance. What this means from the claimant’s perspective is the transcription of recorded statements, insurance coverage opinions, litigation reports and previous claim reports amongst others.

Insurance transcription services are not limited to the claimant’s documentation requirements. It also extends to insurance companies for whom recorded statements, notes on investigations and probes, summary reports, theft/property damage report and insurance reports for property, casualty, holdings, assets, etc. need to be transcribed.

Types of Insurance transcription services

Various types of insurance transcription services are available. They are based on the clientele and the requirement specified.

When it comes to the clientele, insurance transcription services are available specifically for commercial insurance lines and for personal insurance lines. For commercial insurance lines, transcription services are available for Professional Liability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, etc. Transcription services in the personal insurance line are primarily available for Automobile Insurance and Homeowners Insurance.

When it comes to specified requirement as regards transcription of insurance claims, two options are usually made available to the clients – the option of Strict Transcription or Intelligent Transcription. The former refers to a verbatim transcription of all recordings. Every word and utterance, every detail in the audio clip is captured including the ‘ums’, ‘ahs’, false starts and stutters. The latter eliminates unnecessary words and utterances that are recorded which are not relevant to the subject matter from the transcription.

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