Three Solutions to Protect and Safeguard Sensitive Patient Data

Three Solutions to Protect and Safeguard Sensitive Patient Data

Psychiatry transcription is one of the solutions offered by a multi-specialty online medical transcription services provider. Read on to learn the specific challenges of this kind of transcription work and benefits of outsourcing to a reliable service provider.

Need for Confidentiality

Psychiatrists are medical professionals who diagnose patients for all kinds of mental illnesses and disorders. They are qualified doctors who are licensed to evaluate patients’ conditions and prescribe medications. As part of the evaluation process, they may recommend diagnostic procedures such as blood tests, MRI scans, CT scans, mental status evaluation, physical health examination etc. Psychiatry is one field where the security and confidentiality of patient information is paramount.

Need for Highly Accurate Transcription

Another challenge of psychiatry transcription is obtaining high level accuracy. Psychiatrists are required to maintain and use a wide variety of data contained in evaluation reports, clinical notes, letters, progress reports and forensic assessments to provide optimal patient care. Even the slightest mistake can derail treatment plan or worse, place the psychiatrist at risk of legal repercussions. Moreover, precise information needs to be fed into an EMR system for easy retrieval and perusal.

Solution for Data Security: HIPAA Compliance

A reliable online medical transcription services provider has solutions for all these challenges. The first challenge is overcome by following HIPAA compliance protocols and guidelines. Not all medical transcriptions offer HIPAA compliance and it’s important to double check with a company and make sure the company has IT as well as physical provisions to secure patient and client data. Apart from installing high-end encryption solutions and securing the premises where transcription work is carried out, reliable service providers also make employees sigh a confidentiality agreement.

Solution for Accuracy: Stringent QC

Reliable online medical transcription services providers employ experienced transcriptionists who have thorough understanding of psychiatric terminology. Their specialist transcriptions are adept at various sub-specialties such as addiction psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, learning disabilities among others. In addition, they have skilled editors who painstakingly review transcribed documents against original dictation as part of their quality check process and deliver 99% baseline accuracy.

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