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Medical transcription is an essential process that involves converting spoken medical information into written form. It plays a vital role in ensuring that patient records are comprehensive, well-organized, and easily accessible.

The medical transcription services entail converting audio recordings of healthcare professionals regarding their patients into written form. It enables healthcare practitioners to keep track of patients’ previous and current medical conditions. The HIPAA compliance has increased in recent years, which now requires the medical practitioners to keep detailed and comprehensive records of their patient’s treatment and history. Naturally, this takes a lot of time and work.

The need to opt for urology transcription

The load on the Urology department is rapidly increasing because of increased work pressure caused by a variety of ailments. The doctors are no longer able either to spend their valuable time filing and recording. Evidently, hospitals nowadays prefer hiring medical transcription services providers to transcribe the records of patients.

Because of various stereotypes that persist in the minds of medical transcription services providers, many medical practitioners are hesitant to take over the transcription task of the urology department to someone else. Following are the top 3 common assumptions concerning urology transcription

1. The medical transcription services are expensive

Many experts offering medical transcription services believe transcriptions are extremely expensive, and will increase the costs of medical care excessively. This, however, is not the case. The medical transcription services are reasonable, and they can help you save a lot of money. You won’t have to pay any set costs for it. TotalMed transcription, for example, offers the service for as little as 7 cents per line, with no additional fees.

2. Transcription services are risky

It’s yet another myth. In fact, the medical transcription services are extremely secure, and the experts care to take all the required precautions to protect data security. The transcriptionists get all the notes using safe and uncompromising methods. The involved companies hence make sure to implement extensive security procedures to protect the information.

3. The transcription services are not HIPAA compliant

Most businesses have this misconception regarding transcribing services, which is simply untrue. Several transcription firms work following HIPAA regulations and adhere to all of its rules. Medical urology providers must ensure that they exclusively use services from HIPAA-compliant organizations.

It is hence better to clear the confusion instead of believing the myths associated with the medical transcription services. The best way to dispel them is to use the service and discover what possible benefits you can derive from it. The same holds with urology transcription as well.

The best service provider

Totalmed Transcription, a reputed company holds excellence in performing accurate, precise and cost-effective transcriptions. Hence, if you are looking for one, hiring its medical transcription services would be an ideal move.


If you are a practicing psychologist, it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of documentation work required to do on a daily basis. From maintaining medical records, consultation notes to patient history, a psychologist has to do a lot of documentation. However, you can ease out the work stress by using a psychology transcription service. Medical transcription services are gaining high popularity among psychologists as it helps them ease out their documentation work with utmost accuracy.

By availing psychology transcription service from a third party, you can spare yourself from the documentation work & devote your precious time to your patients. The psychology transcription service includes transcribing audio reports into text-based forms with over 99 percent accuracy.

During the pandemic, a significant amount of people are seeking a psychologist’s help to deal with the continuous stress & anxiety, making it hard for healthcare practitioners to keep up with increasing transcribing work. Luckily, with the help of a psychology transcriber, you can quickly transcribe all your medical reports without any error.

How are medical transcription services beneficial for a psychologist?

1) Conducts research

For psychologists, conducting research is significant in understanding complex human behavior. Still, it can be hard to navigate the plethora of information available on the digital landscape, and that’s where the medical transcriber comes to the rescue. Medical transcribers gather all the relevant data from interviews, presentations, etc. & transcribe it into an easily readable text file.

2) Reduces workload

Managing documentation work can take a toll on the psychologists & the best way to reduce hefty responsibilities is by using a psychology transcription service for covering all the documentation work on your behalf. The psychologist can record the audio notes and then send them to the medical transcription service provider to convert them into a written format.

3) High accuracy

Using the psychology transcription service, you can be ensured that all the medical reports are clear and accurate. The medical transcriber always ensures that every recording is noted manually with complete accuracy.

Psychologists spend hours catering to the needs of their patients, so using transcription services for documentation work will help save their time & efforts.  Total med transcription is a renowned medical transcription service provider that offers pitch accurate, error-free medical transcription services at affordable prices.

Summary: If you are a practicing psychologist & find it hard to manage the excessive documentation, you can avail our psychology transcription services.


Medical transcription is an internal part of the medical line. At times, medical professionals and their team struggle to manage the medical transcription services at their end. The best solution is to go for the leading service providers. Here are the other prominent reasons to select these services:

1. Efficient workplace

Medical professionals and their teams can focus on the diagnosis and treatment while outsourcing the medical transcription services. This improves efficiency at the workplace. Thus, your doctors and nurses can focus on handling more patients than managing the administrative work.

2. Improves accuracy

The medical transcription services employ the qualified technical professionals having experiences of different branches like radiology, oncology, and urology transcription among others. It thus enhances the accuracy in medical transcription that can be as high as 98% to 99% in almost all cases. Many service providers include an additional professional editor to monitor the entire medical transcription process.

3. Helps insurance billing

The insurance billing requires levels of documentation that are routine work for the medical transcription services team. Thus, medical professionals can manage the complete, thorough, and formatted data for sharing with the insurance billing teams.

4. Security in medical transcription

The medical transcription services should comply with the HIPAA privacy requirements. For medical transcription providers, the data should undergo encryption during its transfer from one network to another. The concerned service provider should also have proper back of the data so that it could be recoverable in case of data loss or crash. Only authorized users should have access to the patient’s data, it should remain protected from change or tampering. Further, medical transcription data require strong encryption for storage.

With all these security guidelines for medical transcription data, many medical professionals resolve to the medical transcription services. The companies like Totalmed Transcription handle end-to-end security requirements to ensure that you don’t have to face any issues afterward. Performing background reference checks on its respective teams further raises the security levels.

Act now! Approach the best service provider

To conclude, multiple reasons would tempt you to go for professional medical transcription services. Totalmed Transcription offers end-to-end transcription services to different clients that are highly affordable and secure. You can benefit from its dexterous and expert team in keeping your urology transcription safe, manageable, and highly affordable. The same holds for its other transcription services as well. Furthermore, high-end accuracy and dedication of its profession would tempt you to prefer its services to others in the industry.

Psychiatry transcription is one of the solutions offered by a multi-specialty online medical transcription services provider. Read on to learn the specific challenges of this kind of transcription work and benefits of outsourcing to a reliable service provider.

Need for Confidentiality

Psychiatrists are medical professionals who diagnose patients for all kinds of mental illnesses and disorders. They are qualified doctors who are licensed to evaluate patients’ conditions and prescribe medications. As part of the evaluation process, they may recommend diagnostic procedures such as blood tests, MRI scans, CT scans, mental status evaluation, physical health examination etc. Psychiatry is one field where the security and confidentiality of patient information is paramount.

Need for Highly Accurate Transcription

Another challenge of psychiatry transcription is obtaining high level accuracy. Psychiatrists are required to maintain and use a wide variety of data contained in evaluation reports, clinical notes, letters, progress reports and forensic assessments to provide optimal patient care. Even the slightest mistake can derail treatment plan or worse, place the psychiatrist at risk of legal repercussions. Moreover, precise information needs to be fed into an EMR system for easy retrieval and perusal.

Solution for Data Security: HIPAA Compliance

A reliable online medical transcription services provider has solutions for all these challenges. The first challenge is overcome by following HIPAA compliance protocols and guidelines. Not all medical transcriptions offer HIPAA compliance and it’s important to double check with a company and make sure the company has IT as well as physical provisions to secure patient and client data. Apart from installing high-end encryption solutions and securing the premises where transcription work is carried out, reliable service providers also make employees sigh a confidentiality agreement.

Solution for Accuracy: Stringent QC

Reliable online medical transcription services providers employ experienced transcriptionists who have thorough understanding of psychiatric terminology. Their specialist transcriptions are adept at various sub-specialties such as addiction psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, learning disabilities among others. In addition, they have skilled editors who painstakingly review transcribed documents against original dictation as part of their quality check process and deliver 99% baseline accuracy.

How do you know if a medical transcription company is reliable? Sign up for a free trial offer and then decide!

Healthcare industry requires constant innovation to meet the ever-rising challenges of the industry. Among other technology advancements, the need for medical transcription services has raised the competition in the market. While many healthcare practitioners prefer taking the help of co-workers to get the audios transformed into text documents, it can become the reason for several problems later. Instead of assigning the transcription work to the professionals in your administration department, hiring online medical transcription services is way more advantageous.

Key Reasons

Take a look at the following reasons for why it is time you should outsource online medical transcription services.

Less expertise: Professionals either in administration or accounts department do not have the knowledge or expertise of transcribing documents. On the other hand, dedicated professionals in a transcription company have proven experience in their field to do full justice to their jobs.

Infrastructure: Whether you work at a healthcare facility or are an independent healthcare professional, you will need to set up proper infrastructure that can cost too much. On the contrary, hiring the services of a medical transcription service provider will not require any of this. Since transcription companies already have the required setup, you need to pay only for the hired services.

Costly affair: Setting up infrastructure, hiring full-time transcribers, and other such things can make direct hire a costly affair. On the other hand, outsourcing your transcription requirements to a renowned transcription company eliminates the need for all of this.

Lack of quality and accuracy: Healthcare practitioners don’t have an option to settle for transcribed documents with average accuracy. Since physicians may refer to these documents while diagnosing or treating patients, they need to be sure about the accuracy. Hiring online medical transcription services from a prominent company ensures you won’t need to compromise on quality ever.

Delayed turnaround time: Since dedicated transcription companies have various teams of transcribers, they stay true to their commitment of delivering documents in time. Irrespective of the time zone of your country, you can expect to receive the transcribed documents within 24 hours or stipulated duration.

Security and confidentiality: Though some healthcare providers assume that only in-house professionals can be trusted fully to receive the transcription results, it’s usually the opposite. Professional service providing companies strictly abide by the privacy and security regulations to stay true to their brand value.

All these reasons show the real importance of outsourcing your transcribing needs to professional companies.

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