Why prefer medical transcription services over an in-house team?

Why prefer medical transcription services over an in-house team?

The most important role of the medical industry is to provide quality healthcare services to patients. While patients should be the center of a physician’s day-to-day activities, this is not the case for many practices. Apart from treating the patients, a physician is also required to keep records and perform other activities in order to manage the regulatory hurdles. Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) in healthcare facilities bring a lot to the table. These records allow the medical staff to access charts faster and communicate information more efficiently. Since maintaining EHR is imperative to keep proper medical records, hiring a prominent medical transcription company is the best solution.

An in-house team or outsource?

Be it physicians, surgeons, nursing staff members, or other healthcare practitioners, transcribed documents can greatly simplify their work. When it comes to deciding between hiring the full-time transcribers and outsourcing the requirement to a company, you should compare the benefits of each setting.

In-house team

Hiring an in-house team is better when you have enough work on a regular basis and you also have the budget to pay full-time employees. With a team, though you can take the services of your in-house transcribers at any time, monetarily, it takes more than just paying them for their services. It is important to train your transcribers at regular intervals to keep the quality of transcribed documents intact. Latest updates about the industry, new terminologies, etc. are things that professional transcribers should be updated with. Since training these professionals can be a costly affair, every physician and healthcare facility might not be able to cope. In such cases, outsourcing your requirement to a reputable medical transcription company is the best way out.


Outsourcing your transcription requirements to a renowned company has several benefits. As these professionals specifically deal in medical transcription, they are well-trained and experienced in the field. Outsourcing gives value for investment as you don’t have to invest time and money on training the professionals. Also, you get transcribed documents with assured quality without spending an extra penny. Without investing in computers, data storage, and other necessary equipment, you get services in quick turnaround time.

Before coming to a decision, you should consider the following misconceptions associated with in-house transcription.

Control and convenience: Contrary to the belief, it’s not easy to hire and train professionals in house as it costs a lot and makes the entire practice less productive.

Security: Contrary to what many people assume, the fear of compromised data security is always there with an in-house team. In fact, outsourcing companies have stricter measures for data security to prevent a data breach.

Ease of communication: While many people assume that in-house professionals are easier to contact, transcription service providers are available 24X7 to provide an instant answer to queries.

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