Does Your Medical Transcription Company Deliver Best-In-Class IME Transcription Solutions?

Does Your Medical Transcription Company Deliver Best-In-Class IME Transcription Solutions?

A wide variety of professionals and institutions outsource medical transcription work to save time and money. IME transcription is an important service that can enhance workflow of an independent medical review process.

What is IME?

Before deciding to outsource medical transcription, take a moment to understand what IME means. An IME or independent medical evaluation is a detailed review of an individual’s medical history and current medical condition. An IME is typically performed by a physician who is not actively involved in the individual’s care.  An IME is usually conducted for legal purpose – for example, in assessing an individual’s eligibility for workers compensation or compensation due to an accident or injury.

What Does IME Transcription Entail?

Many professionals and organizations including physicians, surgeons, lawyers, health insurance companies and research centers use IME transcription services for generating reports in quick turnaround times. It’s important that the service provider guarantees on-time delivery because systems for claims and IME referral management come with pre-determined deadlines. It’s also important that the medical transcription company has experienced transcribers who understand the nuances of medical transcription in the US. Transcribers should have a thorough understanding of medico-legal jargon, American spelling and diagnostic testing procedures.

Custom Formatting Requests

IME medical transcription is a specialized service because many clients require custom formatting and it’s up to a specialist IME medical transcriptionist to deliver. And even though sections may vary, it’s vital to follow a template or model report as a guide and starting point. In the hands of an inexperienced or non-specialized medical transcriptionist, an IME report may end up being poorly formatted, difficult to read or lacking consistency.

Need for HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is one crucial area to look into when you decide to outsource medical transcription. HIPAA is designed to protect patients’ interests and prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive patient data. HIPAA lays down uniform security measures and controls. Not all medical transcription companies guarantee HIPAA compliance or understand the standards of confidentiality required. However, the best medical transcription service providers do provide HIPAA compliance and put in place various protocols to ensure data security, safety and confidentiality.

Use the above tips to evaluate your current medical transcription vendor or to select a new one!

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