The Role of Technology in Delivering Superior Medical Transcription Services

The Role of Technology in Delivering Superior Medical Transcription Services

Need the services of a medical transcription company? Make sure it’s leveraging the latest technology to improve accuracy, security and customer service. Here’s a look at some of the technological advancements in the field of healthcare documentation.

Dictation Anytime, Anywhere

Good medical transcription companies today offer flexible solutions that allow clients to dictate anytime, anywhere. One way is to install an iPhone/Android smartphone app and simply dictate into the app – the dictation will be transferred to the medical transcription company’s servers securely. Another way is to use a hand-held digital voice recorder – upon completion of dictation, the files will be sent to the service provider via an FTP site. Clients can also record their dictation over phone by calling a toll-free number and following instructions.

Speech Recognition Technology

Speech recognition technology is proving to be very useful to medical transcription companies and end clients. Using speech recognition technology can augment overall accuracy and help deliver flawless reports. An up –to-speed medical transcription company will have certified medical transcriptionists who are trained to use this technology to go over and edit medical documents if required.

EMR Compatible Solutions

In previous decades, organizations had to store patient information on paper and keep files in physical cabinets. EMR systems changed that forever – now organizations can store information on a digital medium. EMR systems are increasingly being used around the world as they facilitate compliance, easy access to patient information and better organization of patient health records. A modern medical transcription company can send back transcribed documents to an EMR platform and store them in the correct format.

Data Security Solutions

With advancing technology comes the risk of data compromise, manipulation or theft. To meet these challenges, leading medical transcription companies have invested heavily in IT solutions. The best companies today use high-end encryption technologies and adopt advanced data security mechanisms to ensure end-to-end security of information being transmitted between the company and client. They also strictly follow HIPAA guidelines to ensure the safety of client data and patient information.

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